5 Mistakes to Avoid if you Want 6 Pack Abs

Getting that much-desired six pack abs is a goal for many. Maybe it's also one of your goals. You hit the gym, but you feel that you are not progressive fast enough. It could be that you are doing mistakes that hamper, or even regress your progress.

To help you with that, this article is going to feature 5 mistakes to avoid if you want 6 pack abs.

The Twist


When doing sit-ups, are you twisting your body when you reach the top?

Most people do this twist as they think that this move will work the muscles that are located on the sides of thewaist, or also known as the oblique muscles. Yet, one study has a result that goes against this dogma.

Medicine And Science Sports And Exercises did a study in which they measure the oblique muscle's activity when a person does this twist during sit-ups. The results show that the oblique muscles don't perform any extra effort when doing this twist. In fact, another study done by the University of Waterloo shows that this twisting motion can put large compression forces on your spine.

Hence, avoid the twist on the top, and stick to one movement.

Swiss Ball Crunches Mistake

Swiss ball crunches is a common workout when building six pack abs. However, most people make one critical mistake.

It's a big mistake to sit too forward on the ball. What happens is they sit upright, then do the exercise; which means leaning back slightly and rocking forwards. This rocking motion isn't efficient.

The way to do it is to position your body on the ball in a way that most of your back is touching the ball. You know when you are doing it right when your view is the ceiling rather than the wall across of you.

Ball Issues

As mentioned before, using a ball is a great way to build those abs. However, another big mistake is using a ball that is not fully inflated.

If you are using a ball that is not fully inflated, it will simply flatten when you do your exercise. This will severely make the exercise less effective.

Fixing this mistake is pretty easy. Just make sure that the ball is fully inflated before you start working with it.

If you can't push the ball for more than 2 inches, then you got the right ball inflation.

Planking Mistakes

When doing planks for building abdominal muscles, most people make the mistake of lifting the hips too much. It's not difficult to make this mistake either.

Lifting the hips usually makes the exercise a lot easier. On the downside, it will also negate the benefit of doing this workout.

When doing planks, make sure that your body is doing a straight line when viewed from the sides. You may need help from a gym buddy to make sure that you are doing the routine correctly.

Plank Progress

Plank Progress

Another mistake when doing plank is when you fail to progress the routine. If you have already developed a strong core, it will be a while before you can start feeling that strain on your muscles. When this happens, its time to progress.

It's a good idea to add a few minutes or seconds to your plank. However, it's a lot better if you remove one contact points with the floor.

For example, if you are doing a four-point plank, then lift one of your back foot and hold the plank.

That's it! these are a few of the common mistakes when building six pack abs. Now that you know these mistakes, ensure that you don't make them in your future workouts. This way, you will reap the benefits of your efforts a lot faster.

Now, let's talk a little bit about what you can do to better stimulate your ab muscles.

Use an Electronic Ab Belt

Flex Belt

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