Abs After 40 Review - Can Men Over 40 Get Ripped Abs or Is This Program a Scam?

abs after 40 review

The Abs After 40 plan has been designed with a specific purpose of helping middle aged men to obtain a lean and muscular physique. This plan has been detailed in a manner that will helpmen, who have gone beyond the age of 40, to get in shape and achieve those six pack abs that they have always desired.

The idea behind this program is to show that even older men can build a muscular physique with the use of a custom made and tailored nutrition plan and fitness regime even after they have crossed the youth phase of their lives.

The Abs after 40 Program – What does it do for middle aged men?

Abs after 40 Program

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This program lays a great deal of emphasis on a number of compound exercises that have tremendous impact on a number of muscle groups at the same time. The training and exercise routines in this plan also ensures that a man is able to perform them and achieve the desired results without causing any negative impacts on their bones, which become fragile with increasing age. These exercises protect the bones and the various joints in a man body while also ensuring that they are able to obtain the best results without having to spend too much time and effort to get in the shape that they have always wanted.

This training program also helps aging men to improve and enhance their testosterone levels by the stimulation of this very important hormone in the body. With increasing age, the testosterone levels in the body tend to drop, and this causes a number of sex related issues for older men. The high intensity of the many exercises in this program helps men to counter this drop in testosterone levels, and ensure that they are able to maintain high testosterone levels and enjoy a great sex life.

The benefits of these compound exercises are offered to the male body in a number of different aspects. These important aspects can be classified as:

A great boost and improvement in the overall hormonal activity in the male body.

Development of greater number of muscle groups within a short span of time.

Prevention of critical injuries on any specific areas by concentrating on a number of different muscle areas and groups at the same time.

These important aspects work together to help in the reduction of body fat, as well as improvement in the muscular structure of the body.

How does it all work for the male body?

The program works in three distinct phases. These three important phases of the program has been discussed below.

Phase #1: Jumpstarting the Fat Loss Process

This is the very first phase of the program, and basically allows a person to explore the very basics of the entire nutritional plan and training routine. During this phase, a person will beadvised about the nutritional aspect of the program and given suggestions as to what kinds of food items they can consume in order to get the best results of this program. The phase will also provide a detailed diet chart about the quantity of calories that a person can consume during each part of the day, as well as before and after the training routines.

The basic motive of this phase is to make it easier for a person to lose all the unnecessary fat collected in their belly region. This will not only help them to get in shape, but also protect them from a large number of fat related health conditions that include heart diseases, diabetes and many other similar ailments that are very common in men as they grow old.

Phase #2: Optimization of Hormones and Hormonal Activity in the Body

During the beginning of the second phase, men will already have witnesses a great deal of reduction in their body fat, particularly in the region around their belly. Hence, the compound exercise routines in this phase get a little aggressive to ensure that the person is well on their way towards achieving that toned physique and their coveted sic pack abs.

The hormonal activity of the body will also have improved due to the first phase, and this will help a person to enjoy greater energy levels in the second phase. The hormonal development will also play a big role in the transformation of the body fats into muscular mass in men during this phase.

Phase #3: Complete Approach Towards Auto Fat Burning

All the hard work put into the development of the six pack abs and the muscular physique will start to show results in this third phase of the program. This phase utilizes a training module of the abs known as the A40s, and this helps to build the muscles around the stomach and chest region by burning excessive fats in the body. This phase includes the most rigorous exercise regimes of the program, but these training routines do become a little lenient once the abs have been formed. Due to the results of the earlier two phases, the hormonal activity of the body has also reached a certain level of stability.

Hence, after achieving the abs through these three phases, a person will be able to retain them for a long period of time by following a strict healthy diet program along with certain mild, but effective exercise routines.

So, What is Included in The Program?

Abs after 40

One must be wondering as to what this program may comprise of that allows it to be so effective for old men to obtain something that is considered difficult even for people in their youth to achieve. Well, there are three primary, yet very important, components that have been included in the Abs After 40 program. These components have been discussed below.

The first component of the program includes the various activities and exercise routines that a person must carry out to obtain the toned physique and their six pack abs. it also includes the three phases of the program (which have been discussed earlier) that will help a person obtain their desired muscular structure. Hence, this component forms the heart of the entire program that allows men beyond the age of 40 to achieve their dreams of the perfect physical structure along with the abs that they have always wanted.

The second component of the program includes the nutritional system that will aid a person in obtaining that perfect muscular body and achieve the healthy body conditions. This aspect of the program details a list of foods that are important and their appropriate daily proportions. This is explained in the program in details so that users will know what food to consume at which part of the day along with the quantity that they must consume. It also lists down the food items that one must avoid in order to obtain the benefits of the program.

This part of the program also provides a few recipes that may help users to prepare the food items necessary for the program to be effective. These recipes are fairly easy to prepare and does not necessarily need a person to have great culinary skills. The ingredients in these recipes are also very easy to obtain and not too expensive for average people. The consumption of these food items, combined with the impacts of the compound exercise routines of the program will help men to get the desired results, and get the perfect muscular structure.

The third, and the final component, of this muscle building programs lays down certain guidelines on how to recover and deal with injuries and pains that may arise from exercising in the gym at old age. After all, rigorous exercise routines in the gym can be very painful even to a youngster, and doing similar exercises at an old age can be even more painful. Hence, people using the program need certain guidelines on how to deal with the pain as well as some very common injuries suffered in gymnasiums.

This component of the program not only lists ways to deal with injuries and pains, but also lists down some lighter, yet effective, exercise routines that men can indulge in while recovering from the strains and injuries. This will ensure that a person is at least able to retain what they have gained until then, if not grow on it and make the muscles develop better.

Hence, the various components of this program is not only directed towards helping a middle aged man to reduce their body fat and gain six pack abs, but it also focuses on improving the overall health of the users. The program outlines a healthy diet plan to ensure that the users are able to obtain beneficial health influences, and prevent a number of diseases and health conditions. Furthermore, the healthy diet also ensures the fat reduction process is improved and enhanced for quicker results.

The components also put adequate emphasis on the treatment and recovery procedures for unfortunate and unavoidable injuries. People using the program are not only encouraged to work hard and complete the strenuous workout regimes, but they are also advised to focus on their health as well. The exercise routines have also been designed while keeping in mind the fact that bones and joints tend to become fragile and delicate as a person grows older. Hence, this program has been designed in such a manner that it is beneficial in its every aspect.

Who Can Benefit from This Program?

As the name of the program itself suggests, the program has been specifically designed and structured for men who have crossed the age of 40 years. The nutritional plans along with the training and exercise routines are best suited for the physical attributes of men over 40. The customized and tailor made aspects of the program have also been designed keeping in mind the various limitations and restrictions experiences by men who are 40 years and older.

Now, when a man is young and in between their early 20s and late 30s, they have different physical attributes to their bodies than when they are in their 40s or older. The bodies of a person in their youth react differently to various substances and exercise than they do when they are older. Moreover, a person will also be able to sustain more strain in their youth than they are able to do when they become older. Hence, it would not be possible for a middle aged man in his late 40s to do the same exercises that they would have been able to do in their 20s or 30s.

Of course, the scenario would not be same for a person who has been doing such training and exercises for the better part of their lives. A person who is already been lifting weights and exercising right through their youth will be able to do these exercises pretty easily. But then again, they would already have a toned physical structure, and would not need this program to reduce the quantity of fat in their bodies and get in shape. This program is ideally meant for men beyond their 40s and those that are currently out of shape. The exercises and training routines in this program will not only help them to get the perfectly shaped muscular structure, but will also help them to increase their physical strength.

Another beneficial aspect of this useful program is that the training and exercise routines are fairly easy and can be easily done at home with the help of simple weights. Hence, users of the program do not have the need to sign up for expensive gyms and exercise centers unnecessarily and waste loads of money. This is especially great for people who are unable to afford such big gyms. However, users who can afford such gyms should opt for them as it will help them to exercise and train in controlled surroundings and under the guidance of trained professionals. Moreover, this will also help them to avoid injuries and cause any serious damage to their aging bones or their joints.

Mark Mcilyar – The Man behind the Abs After 40 Program

Mark Mcilyar

The Abs After 40 program has been created and designed by Mark Mcilyar, who is 53 years old, but still flaunts a muscular physique even at this ripe old age. He is also a male model as well as a fitness icon for people all across the globe. The most important thing about him is that he not only preaches to other people about his program, but is also a living and walking proof of its success and benefits.

The great results of this program on the creator and designer of the program itself will force people to think that if it is possible for a man aged 53 years to get a muscular physique, why would it be impossible for them to do the same? In fact, Mark has been an inspiration for many to choose the healthy lifestyle and get in shape to increase strength towards the later stages of life. He was rumored to have a fat body at the age of 49, with a lot of flabby content around his waistline. It was then that he started to work on the training schedule and diet program to get the kind of muscular physique that he now possesses.

This amazing transformation has inspired him to share his success story and formula for obtaining it with the world. Hence, he is supposedly rumored to have used the program to reduce fat and get a six pack abs set. The program does have a lot of potential and can be great for flabby people who are way past 40. Mark Mcilyar is definitely an inspiration for a lot of middle aged men out there who find it fairly difficult to perform rigorous exercise routines to get rid of their body fat and obtain a tones and muscular physique.

How effective is this program?

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Users must understand that the program does not guarantee any results unless all instructions are followed to the letter. The program did work brilliantly for its creator, Mark Mcilyar, but that does not guarantee similar results for all users. It is critically important for users to understand that different bodies react differently to the program. Hence, the results obtained by one particular person with the use of the program might not be similar to the results obtained by a different person. Moreover, the duration of the results appearing will also vary from one person to another. This means that users need to be patient and constantly work with the instructions, and wait for the results to appear in good time.

Furthermore, users need to ensure that they also follow the diet plan strictly. When working out or trying to reduce body fat, it is critically important to maintain a strict diet as the food items consumed may have a strong bearing on the workout regimes as well. After all, it is practically impossible to reduce body fat quickly, even after long hours of strenuous exercises, if a person continues to binge on unhealthy food items. The unhealthy diet will simply negate the effects and impacts of the workout regimes, and the person will simply gain no benefit at all from the exercises.

Another important factor worth considering is the fact that all the people using this program are beyond the age of 40 years. After this point of their life, the rate of metabolic activities of their bodies will substantially reduce and their will not be able to burn fat as they were able to do in their youth. Hence, any indulgence to unhealthy diet will only hamper their health and cause them to experience a number of different health issues and concerns. Furthermore, it will also make it difficult for the program to have its impact on the users since the negative aspects of the unhealthy diet will far outweigh the positive aspects of the program.

Hence, people using the program must ensure that they indulge in a healthy diet plan according to the guidelines and instructions in the program.

How to Download The Program?

This program is available in the form of an EBook and can be purchased and downloaded from Mark Mcilyar’s website. There is no other way a person can get their hands on the program. Once they have been able to download the program, they will be able to utilize the benefits of the program to get their muscular physique that they have always dreamed of.

The instructions and the content of the program are explained in minute details with the use of fairly simple and easy language. Hence, it would be fairly easy for people from all ages and backgrounds to follow these instructions to obtain the benefits.

Verdict: Abs After 40 in a nutshell

Abs after 40 Program

The Abs After 40 program is one that claims to do something very difficult in an easier fashion. It is, after all, not easy for men beyond the age of 40 to reduce their body fat and get six pack abs. This program, however, claims that it can help middle aged men do that without having to indulge in the strenuous and rigorous workout and training regimes followed by other younger people.

Instead, they will be able to achieve the desired results through properly monitored diet plan and compound and effective training module that will affect a group of targeted muscle areas at the same time. This will bring about the desired results without causing much damage to the fragile bones and joints that are common among middle aged men.

One of the finest aspects of this program is that it does not make any claim of magically giving a person a set of six pack abs. There are a number of online programs that pitch to their customers that it will help them to magically get rid of all the fat and grow abs on their bodies. This program, on the contrary, informs users in advance that they would have to follow a strict diet plan, and also train hard and exercise regularly in order to get the desired results.

Hence, users will have to earn the results by putting in the necessary effort. This would also make the end result seem all-the-more sweeter!