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Determine your fitness goals before buying home exercise equipment

There are several types of home gyms in the market and each offers various different options and accessories. Therefore, before you buy an exercise machine, you need to know what you want specifically. Otherwise, you may be talked into purchasing an expensive machine that doesn’t meet your needs. In this article, we tell you how to identify your fitness goals so as to get a machine that will enable you achieve these goals.

What is your current level of fitness?

The kind of physical activity regimen you will put in place depends a lot on your current level of fitness. To determine your starting point, assess and record your first fitness scores when beginning your program. This will enable you to track your progress especially if you do it daily.

In assessing your muscular and aerobic fitness, body composition and flexibility, record the following:

• Your pulse rate before and after walking a distance of 1 mile
• How long does it take you to cover 1 mile?
• What is your waist circumference?
• How many push-ups can you manage in one set?
• What is your BMI (body mass index)?

Do you have any health conditions?

It is important to first talk to your physician before you start any new activity program if you suffer from a chronic medical condition like heart disease or diabetes. But if you are a healthy individual you don’t necessarily have to consult a doctor before you start an activity program.

What types of exercises do you enjoy?

According to research, a person has higher chances of continuing fitness program if they enjoy it. If you like dancing, you should consider joining an aerobics class that offers dance moves. And if you are the type that enjoys working out in the company of other people, you may want to join a walking club or try a gym membership. But if you prefer exercising alone, a workout DVD may just be what you need.

Next Step: Goal setting

Armed with the answers from the questions in the above section, you should be ready now to set your goals.

General Goal

If you are beginning to work out for the first time, your goal should be as simple as meeting the physical activity recommendations as set by American Heart Association (AHA). These include at least 75 minutes a week of rigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises.

Specific goal

If you have more specific goal for instance completing a triathlon or running a 5 km race, you need to have a plan of how to attain your goal. You may want to join a triathlon group or your local running club. This will help you design a training plan to strengthen your resolve and increase your stamina.

Weight loss goal

If you are getting into physical activity for the sole purpose of losing weight, it is important to speak to your doctor to tell you the amount of weight you should lose each week. Physical activity, along with the right intake of calories, is an integral part of shedding some pounds. The amount of exercises required to attain a healthy weight will vary from one person to another greatly.


Among the most important factors to consider when buying home fitness machines is your fitness goals. Clear goals will motivate you when you are not in the mood to exercise. To stick with your exercise program, you should track your progress.

5 Types of Workout Machines that are best for fat burning

If you frequently visit the gym to exercise, it is time you think of timing your visits to get the most out of your workouts. The right strategy and good exercise machines will result in effective fat burning, therefore, making excellent use of your time at the gym. If you find low-resistance equipment to be leisurely, then you are not spending as much energy as you should for your fat burning and body building exercises. With the right equipment, you can go at it steady and slow to benefit your cardiovascular health, build endurance, core, and speed while burning calories. Other than a cardio workout, you need to build lean muscle via strength training using these 4.

Types of Equipment

1. Rowing Machine

If you aim to strengthen your arms, legs, and core while also raising your heart rate, the rowing machine is the one to use. It has become common in gym floors since it can easily be used to exercise the body while sitting down. This machine makes the whole body exercise at the same time resulting in a higher calorie burn in a short session. When used correctly, this equipment can give a lot of benefit to the user. It uses air or water resistance that makes it harder the more effort you put. Your legs, arms, upper body and core are all adequately exercised.

2. Stair Climber

When you use the stair climber, it feels like climbing an infinite set of stairs. The experience is not pleasant but is so effective, time efficient, and it forces you to be on the move the whole time. You stand all through the exercise making it so good for cardio while also strengthening your lower body. When climbing, the whole weight of your body is put on a single leg one at a time hence the burning sensation in your hamstrings, butt, and quads after a few flights.
It works the larger muscle groups of the legs that burn a lot of calories hence efficient fat burning. These big lower body muscles are among the highly active muscles metabolically that require a lot of energy for their maintenance and when active too.

3. Treadmill

Just like the stair climber, it forces you to keep moving during the workout session. You can use it in high-intensity intervals for cardio and also for walking when it is set at a steep incline for maximum calorie burning since it will feel like you are walking uphill. With HIIT the body uses more energy to return to the restive state, therefore, burning more calories. The treadmill has been a great exercise tool for fat burning over the years due to its simple use and efficient results and time usage.
When you walk at a great incline, you burn fat without straining your joints too excessively. This exercise will cause the body to burn more fat than carbohydrates resulting in weight reduction with fat replaced with healthy lean muscle.

4. Fan Bike

The fan bike is the most challenging cardio equipment you should give a try. Made similarly to a stationary bike, it has large fans on the front wheel with two handlebars set higher than the seat. This machine requires you to move both hands and feet to peddle the bike causing you to spend more energy. It uses wind resistance to create the work for your legs and arms, the harder you pedal, the more the resistance and the more calories you burn. It is so intense that it is recommended you start with 10 seconds workout then 50 seconds rest repeated for a total of 10 minutes.


5. Ab Coaster

Ab Coaster is a great peace of equipment. Firstly, it’s an incredible ab machine but that’s not all it’s great for. The way you work your abs with this machine is also great to burn calories, thus stimulate fat burning. It is probably one of the best equipment on the market and is definitely worth the money.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation for Athletes

Pain is a common problem for many of us and athletes and sports persons in particular have to live with pain for a significant part of their sporting careers. There are many ways and means by which pain is managed by sports persons. While anti-inflammatory drugs, sprays and ointments could be used, they may not be always effective. Further these drugs could be fraught with risks of side effects. Hence it is quite common for sports persons to look for alternate methods of pain management and electronic muscle stimulation is often considered to be an option. It is now being commonly used not only for pain management but also to increase muscles strength and also for improving overall performance. Though the research on this form of pain management is limited, there are reasons to believe that it works reasonably well. Hence let us try and get a better perspective of pain management in the sports arena using electronic muscle stimulation.

What Is This Method Of Treatment Supposed To Do

There are many instances where we see combat athletes having their legs, hands and other parts of the body being massaged by trainers and physiotherapists. If we find out the reason we will come to know that it is done with the main objective of improving circulation and increasing blood flow. When we talk about electronic muscle stimulation, we also look at something similar. We have thousands of capillaries which are located between the veins and arteries. They are pretty small but blood has to constantly travel through them and it has to be done in single-file. When sportspersons overuse these joints and veins or when they suffer from injuries, it is quite possible that blood supply to these tiny capillaries could be cut off or could be reduced. This leads to pain, swelling, inflammation and discomfort. When these patients are subjected to electronic muscle stimulation, it is believed that it could help re-start blood supply to the veins and arteries or could increase the flow if it has been reduced.

How They Benefit The Athletes

They could play a big role in repairing the damage caused by workout related stresses or because of damage caused by injuries of various kinds. When damage or stress occurs in the muscles, joints and veins it could lead to loss of nutrition to the affected area. Further there also could be deposit of metabolic waste. These issues can become a serious problem if left untreated. It is here that going in for electronic muscle stimulation could be useful in more ways than one. They might help in improving blood flow leading to reduced inflammation. There is no denying the fact that inflammation is one of the most important causes of pain. Hence if inflammation is tackled effectively through electronic stimulation of muscles it certainly could provide the required relief within a short period of time. It could work the same way as ice baths and cold water treatments.

What Makes Them Unique And Different

When we talk about massaging we are referring to a process of internal mechanical action. There are experts who believe that use of electronic muscle stimulation is a combination of both internal and external mechanical action. It is believed that this mechanical action could lead to twitching of muscles which might be useful in improving blood flow.

Does It Lead To Soreness And Discomfort

When going in for such non-invasive and drug-free methods of treatments, the benefits have to be evaluated vis-à-vis costs. Is there pain and discomfort through such methods of treatments? Yes, there could be some pain but it is quite tolerable, but the benefits accruing from such methods of treatments perhaps outweigh the risks and problems associated with it. On the other hand there are many who believe in passive recovery or letting the injury, pain or stress heal and recover on its own. While this might be okay for normal persons, sports persons need to be back on action mode as soon as possible. Hence for these groups of persons, choosing electronic muscle stimulations and other such approaches could be a better alternative.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation for Abs

Not just athletes can enjoy electronic muscle stimulation and it doesn’t just help with treating pain. You have probably heard of or seen a commercial on TV about ems ab belts. These belts stimulate the ab muscles and if you have any abdominal pain than it might help but it’s not it’s purpose. These belts are a great way to stimulate the ab muscles which overtime will help strengthen the core and make the abdominal area look toned and all of that without doing any actual exercises.

While not much research has been done, there are many who believe that it does work reasonably well. But the degree of results and benefits will vary from person to person. Hence there are many who believe that it works fine but there could be others who do not believe so. Much more research perhaps needs to be done before getting a clearer picture about electronic muscle stimulation and its benefits.

5 Myths about Getting Abs you Should know about

With so many people looking for ways to achieve those rock-hard washboard abs, there has been lots of myths and falsehoods on the subject swirling around. Here we’ll take a closer look at 5 myths about getting Abs you should know about.

1. Ab muscles are somehow different and need to be treated differently.

The only thing that makes your abs different from every other muscle in your body is that your abs don’t lie directly on your bones. Apart from that, they’re made from the same tissue, they require the same nutrients, and respond to exercise just like any other muscle. Other than knowing which exercises are specific to training the abs, treat them just like you would your biceps, quads or pectorals.

2. Doing abdominal workouts can make a bad back worse.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A strong core is essential, both for great abs and a strong back. Many of the most effective abs workouts make the core stronger and therefore make the back stronger in the process. Also, with the abdominals and the back muscles being opposing muscle sets, strengthening the abs will take the extra strain off of the back muscles.

Just a wise word of caution, though: If you do have a bad back, talk with your doctor before starting up any new exercise routine, and make sure you will be safe proceeding with your plans.

3. Exercises with high repetitions are most effective for getting better abs.

Again, the abdominals are just like every other muscle in the body. Muscle size and tone come from doing low repetitions with higher resistance. For example, doing more sit-ups on a level surface will be less effective than doing fewer sit-ups on an incline.

4. To lose fat from a specific area, you need to focus your exercises on that area.

While it may be the case for muscle building, it does no hold true for fat loss. Losing fat is collective, and you don’t lose more fat from a specific part of the body by exercising those muscles. Many assume that burning belly fat can result from working strictly on the ab muscles. The truth is that fat loss only comes from regular, full-body workouts and a healthy diet. The good news is that belly fat is usually the first to disappear as a person begins losing pounds.

5. A flat six pack is possible for everyone.

No two people have the same body, and some people’s bodies simply have a more rounded stomach than others. Any number of factors, from age to genetics, to gender can affect a person’s form. Rather than trying to achieve a particular shape, it would be better to focus on toning and strengthening the muscles in the body you have.

Additionally, some say, Your abs need to be worked every day to see results. Just like all weight training and muscle building routines, you need to give your abs the proper amount of rest for them to recover and grow. Your muscles all need the opportunity to repair themselves in between intense workout sessions; your abs are no different. Three times a week should be plenty if you give them a good, solid workout session.

Believing these myths is what keeps many people from getting the results that they want. The more you know about how to properly train and exercise, the faster and easier it will be for you to get great six pack abs. Combine your knowledge with proper machines and that will greatly increase your progress and you will see results much faster than someone who just does sit ups.

EMS Units Vs Tens Units: How Do They Compare?

If you are one of those suffering from chronic muscle or nerve pain, then it is quite likely that you will find this article interesting and it also could give you some valuable information. Those suffering from these types of chronic pains would certainly have come across the terms TENS or EMS. What exactly are these? Put in easily understandable words, both these are considered to be drug-free, non-invasive and non-addictive forms of relief from pain of different sorts. While the approaches of the both the treatments and objectives may be the same, we need to understand that there are some basic differences between the two. Let us try and have a look at the same over the next few lines. Both ease pain and discomfort but they do so in different conditions and they treat discomfort in their own ways. Hence it would not be bad idea to find out some basic differences between the two.

A Look At EMS

EMS is the acronym for Electronic Muscle Stimulation. The main objective of this treatment is to stimulate the muscles and thereby give relief to different types of muscle pains. Muscles are simulated which in turn could help reduce the strain that are caused by swelling of the tissues and muscles and perhaps even the joints. When inflammation gets reduced it also leads to better functioning of the joints because the strained muscles get into normal functional mode. They are also known to reduce edema and muscle spasms, which often lead to lot of pain and discomfort. They can be used both in clinical setups and also homes because of the advantages and benefits which they offer. They are commonly recommended if people suffer from poor blood circulation and also for those who suffer from muscle spasms. Disuse of muscles for long periods of time could lead to muscle atrophy which also can be treated through EMS. It also could be quite useful when re-education and stimulation is required. It also could be useful in restoring range of motion caused by accident, illness or injury. Prevention of thrombosis after surgery is important and EMS could be quite useful.

Electronic Ab Belts

Electronic muscle stimulation is not only beneficial in treating chronic pains but research shows that it can also tone down muscles. For example electronic ab belts stimulate the abdominal area and therefore help tone the abs and the core muscles and making the area stronger.

A Look At TENS

On the other hand stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation. The basic objective of this mode of treatment is to provide relief in a unique way. This method of treatment sends non-painful and comfort impulses to the nervous system. This is done through the skin and it targeted on the nerve which could be situated on the surface or deep below. This electronic stimulation could help a lot in reducing and eliminating pain. This is considered to be very useful for those who suffer from chronic health conditions. TENS units work by sending stimulating impulses to the nerves. This helps in distracting the brain from receiving pain impulses. This in turn leads to relief from chronic pain. It also helps the body to release its own painkillers known as endorphins. They are often referred to as natural feel good chemicals. They are essential to provide relief from pain even in the normal circumstances.

TENS could be useful for those who suffer from acute and chronic pain. Persons suffering from acute pain after surgery could also stand to be benefitted as is the case with those who suffer from post-incisive and surgery pain. Persons suffering from tension and migraine headaches could also find benefits because of TENS. Sports persons and others suffering from tendonitis, bursitis or even others suffering from arthritis also can get good relief. Those suffering from cancer related pains could also be benefitted through this form of treatment. If you are pregnant and are looking for natural ways of pain management could also try TENS.

What Are The Basic Differences

As seen from the above, there is no doubt that both the methods target pain management but through different approaches. While EMS stimulates the muscles and helps it to reduce inflammation, TENS on the other hand works by sending impulses to the nervous system and the neurological system. TENS helps in restricting the flow of pain impulses to the brain. Both the modes of pain management are effective in their own ways. If you are not sure as to which method to choose, the best way forward would be to get in touch with doctors and physiotherapists. They will recommend the right approach taking into account specific needs, conditions and requirements.

5 Mistakes to Avoid if you Want 6 Pack Abs

ab exercises mistakes

Getting that much-desired six pack abs is a goal for many. Maybe it’s also one of your goals. You hit the gym, but you feel that you are not progressive fast enough. It could be that you are doing mistakes that hamper, or even regress your progress.
To help you with that, this article is going to feature 5 mistakes to avoid if you want 6 pack abs.

The Twist

When doing sit-ups, are you twisting your body when you reach the top?

Most people do this twist as they think that this move will work the muscles that are located on the sides of the waist, or also known as the oblique muscles. Yet, one study has a result that goes against this dogma.

Medicine And Science Sports And Exercises did a study in which they measure the oblique muscle’s activity when a person does this twist during sit-ups. The results show that the oblique muscles don’t perform any extra effort when doing this twist. In fact, another study done by the University of Waterloo shows that this twisting motion can put large compression forces on your spine.

Hence, avoid the twist on the top, and stick to one movement.

Swiss Ball Crunches Mistake

Swiss ball crunches is a common workout when building six pack abs. However, most people make one critical mistake.

It’s a big mistake to sit too forward on the ball. What happens is they sit upright, then do the exercise; which means leaning back slightly and rocking forwards. This rocking motion isn’t efficient.

The way to do it is to position your body on the ball in a way that most of your back is touching the ball. You know when you are doing it right when your view is the ceiling rather than the wall across of you.

Ball Issues

As mentioned before, using a ball is a great way to build those abs. However, another big mistake is using a ball that is not fully inflated.

If you are using a ball that is not fully inflated, it will simply flatten when you do your exercise. This will severely make the exercise less effective.

Fixing this mistake is pretty easy. Just make sure that the ball is fully inflated before you start working with it.

If you can’t push the ball for more than 2 inches, then you got the right ball inflation.

Planking Mistakes

When doing planks for building abdominal muscles, most people make the mistake of lifting the hips too much. It’s not difficult to make this mistake either.

Lifting the hips usually makes the exercise a lot easier. On the downside, it will also negate the benefit of doing this workout.

When doing planks, make sure that your body is doing a straight line when viewed from the sides. You may need help from a gym buddy to make sure that you are doing the routine correctly.

Plank Progress

Another mistake when doing plank is when you fail to progress the routine. If you have already developed a strong core, it will be a while before you can start feeling that strain on your muscles. When this happens, its time to progress.

It’s a good idea to add a few minutes or seconds to your plank. However, it’s a lot better if you remove one contact points with the floor.

For example, if you are doing a four-point plank, then lift one of your back foot and hold the plank.

That’s it! these are a few of the common mistakes when building six pack abs. Now that you know these mistakes, ensure that you don’t make them in your future workouts. This way, you will reap the benefits of your efforts a lot faster.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about what you can do to better stimulate your ab muscles.

Use an Electronic Ab Belt

Electronic ab belts are a great way to stimulate the ab muscles especially when you are busy with your every day life. You can wear it anywhere and without really doing anything the belt firms your abs. So which ab belt should you use? The flex belt is by far the best belt on the market today. You can read our detailed review about the flex belt, it has everything you need from instructions to customer reviews.

Can Electric Ab Belts Be Used By Pregnant Women?

Electric ab belts are appealing for many workouts. These administer like electric shocks to the abdominal ab belts pregnancymuscles. This causes the muscles to contract and can help to tone muscles. This may work well when using a healthy diet and exercise program as it can help you to burn off added fats and to tone those muscles so they will look great.

However, at the same time, it is important for people to think carefully when getting one of these belts to work. This is especially the case when it comes to pregnant women. You must avoid using one of these devices if you are pregnant. There are too many risks associated with these devices. You have to work carefully when finding a good device that can certainly be suitable and easy to follow.

The Danger Is Real

The main reason why you should avoid using an ab belt if you are pregnant comes from how the electric shocks might be harmful to your unborn child. The shocks that you will experience can be rather minimal on a normal body but they will still go well through many layers of skin and can get deep into your muscles. This may help with trimming off fats in some cases depending on how well this work.

The greatest concern about ab toners is that the electric shocks can easily harm the unborn child. The shocks can stunt the child’s development. In addition, the shocks will irritate the child to where it may move around within the womb far too much. This could make the delivery process a little more difficult.

The added stress that may be placed on your body from getting the belt onto your abdomen may also be a problem. A typical ab belt can weigh a few pounds. This might not seem like much when compared with what you might find elsewhere on your body but the added weight that can come about may prove to be too difficult for you to work with.

What About After the Birth?

You can always use the device after you have given birth. However, you should wait for a period of time to ensure that your body will actually recover from the birthing process. You can use an electric ab toner  about six weeks after how you have given birth. Be sure to talk with your doctor about this before you start using it. This is to see that your body can easily handle the ab belt and keep from suffering from fatigue.

Meanwhile, you should talk with your doctor if you have had a C-section in the past three months. It might take longer for your body to recover from this particular process.

Do not use it if you are pregnant. The risk associated with it is far too significant. You can still use it after you give birth provided you have a word with your doctor about this beforehand. This can help you get abs to look better after you give birth provided that you are careful enough when choosing something the right time to use it.

Which Ab Belts do We Recommend?

The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is by far one of the best quality ab toners on the market today. We certainly advise that you DO NOT use any ab belts while pregnant including this one.

If you decide that you want to give it a try, we highly recommend that you read out guide on it here

Exercises To Use With Electronic Ab Belts For Better Results


Exercising is an important part of life. No doubt, it helps to keep your body fit and healthy. Along with that it also helps to keep you in a proper mindset. If you are using an Electronic ab belt, then also you should perform some exercises along with that. It will give you a better and faster result. And you will be able to attain the desirable shape in a faster way. So, here are some of those tips that you should know while you are using electronic ab belt.

Exercises with Ab Belts

There are some sets of exercises that you should do regularly besides using that electronic belt for abs. This will help you a lot. Here are some of them:

· Crunches

This is probably the best exercise to burn belly fat and get flat and toned abs. It is always the favourite one for the people who want to reduce fats from belly. It is not a difficult one at all. As a beginner, you should start with only ten times daily. Later increase it to twenty times besides using the belt. This will give you a dramatic result.

· Twist Crunches

This is a modified version of crunch. Here you have to lift your right shoulder once and bring it towards the left keeping your left shoulder on the floor. Repeat the same for the left one. You have to do this ten times if you are a newbie and later you can do it twenty times.

· Bicycle Exercise

It is also a simple exercise where you have to lie down and assume as if you are riding a bicycle. So, lift both of the legs and start the way you do paddling. Once bring the right legs towards your chest and then the left one. It is a virtual paddling of a bicycle.

· Lunge twist

Here you have to stand straight with bending your knees slightly bent. Now you have to lift your hands parallel to the ground. After that take a big step forward with your right leg and sit as if you are on a chair. Make sure your spinal cord is straight. Repeat the same with your left leg.

· Bending Sideways

Stand straight stretching your legs and then raise your hand above the head. Now bend your whole body to right as much as you can, keeping the feet grounded. You will feel the strain on your waist. Stay like that for fifteen seconds and get back to the original posture. Now, again repeat the same with the left hand.

So, here are some of the much needed exercises that you should do. If you can do cardio exercises like jogging or running, then it will be good too. An electronic ab belt alone will not give you so much as you can get by doing these exercises along with using the belt. These exercises will keep your whole body in good shape as well as you will get a healthy, fit and flexible body.

5 Benefits of using Ab Toning Belts

ab belt benefits

Ab belts continuously gain popularity as an easy way to have firmer abs and get fit, and is now sought after by many people, including celebrities and the like. It is not merely a trend but indeed works as it is infused with the latest technologies that produce effective results. It utilizes vibration simulation for improved circulation and substantial muscle toning which does wonders for the body. There are various benefits brought about by wearing an ab toning belt if used properly.


Ab Toners are designed to fit anyone’s lifestyle. It’s made of breathable material which can simply be worn underneath your clothes while doing exercises and as you go on through your regular daily activities. The ab belt’s lightweight properties and the small pads that securely stick to your skin allows you to move around freely and comfortably while it works its way through your stomach. It utilizes batteries, hence eliminates the hassle of wires. What’s more is it hides away a flabby tummy and gives you a slimmer body shape in an instant!

Exercise Effortlessly

The vibrating massage function of ab toning belts stimulate nerves around the whole abdominal area, producing a strong and deep sensation, yet quite comfortable stimulation. It oscillates and contains tiny electrodes that deliver electronic impulses to your stomach. It’s a great alternative to traditional exercises that can be exhausting or painful afterwards. The abdominal muscles are forced to naturally contract and relax, similar to what occurs when you are doing sit-ups ad performing crunches- hundreds of them, only in an effortless way.


Ab belts induce relaxation as it massages away the pressure work and everyday chores can bring. It helps you relieve stress and shove off fatigue from your body. It increases the body’s serotonin levels, influencing brain cells responsible for improved mood, sleep, better body functions, and produces an overall increased energy level. Delight in the fact that your are still being productive while you get utmost relaxation you deserve. Use it anytime and take it anywhere you go, and simply do what you love doing while you look and feel your best. When set at the right intensity and with the electrode pads in appropriate places on the belly, you can enjoy hours of workout without really working out!

Burn Calories

The increased body heat it produces yields faster metabolism and helps you burn calories, thereby eliminating unwanted fat. It promotes improved blood circulation and an effective lymphatic drainage. The body is able to absorb more nutrients while allowing more toxins and other unwanted body wastes to be removed faster through perspiration.

Get Quick Results

Of course, the most beneficial and your ultimate goal upon using the ab toning belt– it tones and strengthens, and makes your abdominal muscles prominent. It defines the ab region and sculpts your stomach into the perfect body shape. You wanted results fast and that’s what you get with it. If used in conjunction with regular exercise, and if you observe proper diet and practice a healthy lifestyle while using the ab belt, it will surely give you speedy results.

Read the guide on one of our recommended ab belts called the flex belt here

How does the Flex Belt compare with other EMS Devices?

comparing ab belts

If you’re tempted to purchase a Flex Ab Belt, it may pay to compare it to it’s competitors before parting with your hard earned money. If you’re interested in this particular device, continue reading to read an in depth comparison of the Flex Belt and it’s competitors.

How does the Flex Ab Belt Compare with the other Devices on the Market?

1. It is suitable for all body types
Whilst most of the devices on the market come in a standard one size fits all style, which may not fit around larger waists, it comes with a belt extension, which allows it to fit waists which measure over 44 inches.

2.It is sleeker than its rivals
The device has been designed to be streamlined so that it can be worn underneath your clothing, without anyone noticing. Whilst similar products such as the Contour Abs Belt and the Vibro-Belt are far bulkier in design and are not designed to be worn underneath clothing. As an added bonus, this device offers a slim design remote, whilst the Contour Ab Belt and the Vibro-Belt, come packaged with heavy, bulky remotes.

3. It is the first EMS device to be FDA cleared
Not only has the Flex Ab Belt been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) but it has also been subjected to multiple, third party clinical trials. So should you choose to purchase it you can be sure that you’re using a product which is safe. Especially, as some reviewers of the competitors, reported feeling sharp painful jolts.

4. It is actually succeeds in contracting your abdominal muscles
At the end of a 6 week,clinical trial, 100% of participants reported that their abs were visibly firmer. In comparison, when tested researchers found that the Vibro-Belt, merely vibrates on the surface of participants skin and failed to cause participants abdominal muscles to contract.

There’s no point purchasing a product like the Vibro-Belt, as the whole point of an EMS device, is to stimulate your abdominal muscles to contract, in much the same way that they would contract, if you were to complete 150 crunches. In comparison the FDA have confirmed that, this device is effective in working out your abdominal muscles.

5. It is rechargeable
Whilst most EMS belts such as the Contour Abs Belt, require 4 batteries, it is environmentally friendly, not to mention cheaper to run as it boasts a rechargeable power supply unit.

As a bonus, you can use the rechargeable power supply unit to power additional Flex branded products, such as the Flex Mini, which can be used to tone and strengthen your thighs and butt.

6. It boasts 150 intensity levels
Most EMS devices such as the Slendertone System Abs, offer up to 100 intensity levels, whilst the flex belt boasts 150 intensity levels.

So, if you’re serious about developing a healthy, toned mid-section and have been researching EMS devices, you’re far better off purchasing the flex belt, which is FDA cleared and guarantees visible results, than any other EMS ab toner on the market.

Interested in learning more?  Watch videos of real user flex belt reviews in our detailed guide.

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