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How to choose the best ab belt for you

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Achieving a gorgeous body requires you eat a balanced diet and take part in regular workouts. Following a workout and diet regime to achieve such a milestone can be daunting especially if you are on very tight schedules every day. This therefore calls for a jump start to get you in the right direction. There is no better way do this than to employ ab belts in your workout routine. It’s a great tool especially when you are working on your abdominal area and requires almost zero effort to achieve your desired results. That said and done choosing the right ab belt for you can be quite a hassle especially when you do not know what to look out for. This article seeks to explore how to choose the best ab belt for you.

On the onset of finding the best device for yourself, you should commence by determining what exactly you intend to achieve and then buying an ab toner that is in tandem with your preset objectives. Different belts are manufactured to serve different purposes with some being designed to simplify the workout experience that others aim at strengthening muscles and improving the body posture so that you can exercise with more resilience. For example, there are belts that are designed to heat up whenever they are switched on consequently causing you to sweat more. This results in burning more calories and helps in toning the stomach. This device would, therefore, be ideal for workout programs while performing your daily chores.

Additionally, you may also come across an ab belt which has been manufactured to be conveniently wrapped around the midsection. This causes you to stand up taller and straighter when the muscles of your abs are pulled on the inside. This ensures that the stomach is pulled taut consequently strengthening its muscles in the long run. Over time, the core strengthens and becomes able to handle strenuous workouts. The best part about this device is that even if you do not regularly participate in any exercise programs to have a flat stomach.

In your quest to buy the best ab toner, you must avoid ones that claim to perform all the exercises on your behalf. The mode of function of such belts is to contract against the individual’s abdomen as well as sending electric into the muscles. These belts have no proof of eight loss or muscle toning. Furthermore, it may be a health risk to send electrical impulses into the muscles. However, no conclusive research has been done to substantiate such claims.

Any ab toner that you decide to buy must be put into use together with a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. Even though the belts will help you tone your muscles, they do not effectively burn fat at the midsection; this can only be achieved via consuming less calories and engaging in cardiovascular workouts on a regular basis.

Choosing the ideal ab belt is dependent upon your objectives i.e. whether you need six pack abs or simply need to flatten your stomach. Secondly, it should simplify your exercise routine. Whatever you are after, make sure that the device is comfortable enough.

Our Recommended Ab Toner

Flex Belt is our #1 recommended ab toner and for a reason. It is being used by many people around the country including celebrities. We have put together a very detailed review of the flex belt, we highly recommend that you read it before you decide to make a purchase.

Do ab toning belts really work?

Let’s get this straight. Do ab toning belts really work? Well they do. When you need visible abdominals, youab toning belts should probably think about investing in one. It’s going to significantly help you get the body you desire.

An ab toner is an important accessory that when correctly used and mixed with suitable exercise and diet plan may prove to be a remarkable equipment to help you get an attractive body figure.

How does it work?

The classic ab toning belt basically contracts the abdominal muscles through electrical stimulation (Don’t be afraid. It will not hurt at all!). The contractions will stimulate your abs. This is going to make them stronger, consequently helping in revealing their shape.

With a number of ab toners, you will require gel pads to apply on their back for this to be successful. But there are some new belts that only need water. It’s far simpler to use and cheaper to run!

These devices are normally seen as the “magical” means of getting the much coveted “6 pack”. But remember that the more motivated you are, the more chances of getting an excellent result you’ll be able to.

Remember also that you are not going to achieve the desired result just by sitting there on your sofa while sipping your cup of coffee. When you do not exercise, and just wear the belt, it’s not going to help you much in your weight loss endeavors.

Perhaps on TV, you’ve watched a shopping show, and seen slim people with bodies seemingly already toned through the use of this device. However, what you actually don’t see is that they do regular exercises. They are also following very strict diet regimen or some other regime so as to get this much desired body. They are, in other words, fully committed to their body.

For the normal person, it may be quite frustrating when to try using ab toner, and is unable to quickly look like these apparently fit people. But the reality is that, as previously indicated, when you fail to do exercises like swimming, walking or running, you are not going to look like the people you’ve seen on TV.

What you can do to achieve successful result with an ab toner.

Eat light as well as healthy before exercise

You should keep off heavy and greasy meals like fries, burgers and fast foods. Stick to chicken (not fried), white meat and vegetables. They have essential vitamins and proteins that help in developing muscles and without storing fat. Eat also slow energy release foods like rice, bananas or pasta before exercising. Keep off also high calorie meals.

Exercise to burn calories

You can do any exercise. However, cardio exercise like running is possibly the best to burn fat and calories quickly. You may also ride your bike or walk. Swimming is also highly recommended.


With suitable diet program as well as regular exercise together with using your ab toning belt, you are going to see satisfying and quick results on the tummy as well as the perfect shape of your abs.

The Flex Belt Guide

If you still aren’t sure if you should be using an ab belt, you should read our complete guide on the flex belt. The flex belt is the industry leading product and is by far the best compared to other devices. So go ahead and read it through and watch the customer testimonials.

Denise Richards use of the Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is a complete tonal abdominal system that works using electric muscle stimulation. This denise richardsallows to achieve similar results as any abdominal workout program in a shorter period of time, without having to spend hours at the gym and possible injuries due to the intensity of the workout.

One of the celebrities that became a fan and a spokesperson for the Flex Belt is Denise Richards. Her days are very hectic between raising three children on her own and her demanding professional work, so finding extra time to go to the gym to keep her body in shape was a real challenge.

According to Denise Richards, the biggest benefit she sees with the Belt is her core strength, because “when the core is strong everything else is strong“. She is able to handle all her activities with ease without hurting herself. Since the first time she tried it she was very impressed with the results.

It was the perfect solution for her.

Now she uses the Belt when she is doing other activities, like having a conference call, studying her scripts, doing chores around the house, or preparing meals for her family. She gets a complete and intense abdominal workout at the same time she dedicates time to her professional work and enjoys her children.

A second benefit Denise Richards finds in using the Flex Belt is the confidence she feels when she wears a bikini. She acknowledges that her abs are her problem area because she has neglected them for quite some time. She mentions that it is very important for her to be in great shape because her work requires her to have photo sessions in bikini and in other types of small wardrobe, and usually those photos focus on the abdomen. Since using the device, she feels at ease having those pictures taken. Her abs are perfectly toned without having to spend hours at the gym sacrificing time with her family.

A third benefit Denise Richards finds in the Flex Belt is how comfortable it feels. Just perfect to wear it under her clothes while doing other activities in her house. She does not have to lay down while the Belt is working, or stay in certain stand-up position. Walking around is easy and she can concentrate on having a productive conference call or being fully present when having a conversation with her kids.

A fourth benefit she finds is that she does not have to wear it for long periods of time. Only thirty minutes is what she needs to have a complete abdominal workout that is worth hours at the gym, with the added confidence that it has patented medical-grade technology that is FDA approved.

Denise Richards is very happy using the Belt. It has been the perfect solution for her to keep the balance between work and family while staying in great shape in the area of her body that is more difficult for her to maintain. There is no doubt it has worked for her and it has met her expectations and beyond.

Want to learn about it in details? We have put together a detailed review so you can learn about it all in once place! Find it in your guides section.

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