With the current wave of fitness craze sweeping over countries worldwide, the demand for Ab machines is on the rise today. Whether you intend to sculpt your body to the perfect specimen, or wish to shed your flab and achieve a leaner look, the right Ab machine can help you target your core and abdominal muscles effectively, and that too without an expensive gym membership at hand. The traditional ways of working out that include regular style exercises such as using a balance ball, or doing crunches on a floor mat obviously do oodles of good to your core and posture. However, the new age technology has made it possible to kick up things a notch or two by using a machine that is designed for those times when a mat, balance ball or pull-up bar is rendered insufficient.

Here is a quick lowdown of the top 5 ab machines that have garnered great user reviews for their ergonomic design, intelligent detailing, multi-purpose structure, and ease of usage. Each of them is suited for people of varying athletic capabilities, body types, and workout experiences.

Sit Up Bench

A sit-up bench, also known as a decline sit-up bench is a commercial-grade gym equipment designed to help you suspend your upper body lower than your hips and thighs. This exceptionally unique technique imposes adequate pressure on your abs, hips and muscles to work against gravity and enhance the efficacy of performing simple sit-ups and crunches. The biggest advantage of a decline bench is that it helps you exercise from varying heights and even use extra weights to strengthen your pecs maximally.

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Ab Coaster CS1500


If you are ready to invest in a high-end ab machine to help you lose those unsightly love handles and tone your ab muscles, the Ab Coaster CS1500 is worth a serious look. Built of commercial-grade steel, it is standard piece of equipment that is available in most world-class gyms. By helping you perform leg raises without pull-up bars and muscle strain, the Ab Coaster actually simplifies the cumbersome process of working out your lower abs. This machine is worth talking about.

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Ab-Doer Twist Abdominal Trainer


The Ab-Doer Twist is one of the few exercise machines that is suitable for performing both abdominal-based workouts, as well as aerobic workouts. It features a swivel action seat and contoured arms to allow maximal freedom of movement for training of muscles that are difficult to access otherwise. Its cutting-edge Torsion-Flex technology is designed to activate a diverse range of muscle groups, while the solid frame allows optimal alignment of the back and neck muscles, thereby increasing the safety quotient for beginners.


Main Features


-The machine is constructed of heavy-duty steel that makes it durable, solid and capable of supporting the weight of average-sized individuals.
-The contoured arm bars encourage proper toning of upper body muscles, including triceps, biceps, chest, upper back and shoulders.
-The machine features the latest Torsion-Flex technology that enables users to impose maximum pressure to workout resilient and metabolically active muscles of the hips, thighs and buttocks.
-It comes equipped with a functional massage roller that offers an incredible therapeutic massage during every repetition.

-The Ab-Doer features a comfy swivel seat for promoting ease of movement during a core workout session.
-This Ab machine comes with four informational workout DVDs, two workout booklets, as well as a healthy eating guide, as additional freebies.




-The Ab-Doer is a moderately-intense exercise chair that works compatibly with the normal bends and motions of your body, in order to ensure minimum strain and maximum efficiency.
-Its major advantage as compared to other ab devices is its flexibility, which helps you exercise muscles that are difficult to reach with ordinary ab training. This guarantees great results within a short period of time.
-It allows you to train muscles and achieve a sculpted look through the freedom of movement.
-The Ab-Doer doesn’t just focus on the obliques and abdominals, but also the thighs, hips, legs, hamstrings and buttocks. And the best part is that you can tone these muscles while doing an aerobic workout, all from the comfort of a seated position.

-By using the ergonomically-shaped arm bars, you can tone the muscles of your upper body with ease. All you have to do is rotate the arms up and down to attain a comprehensive full body workout.

-One of the greatest benefits of Ab Doer is that it allows you to sit comfortably in one position while getting in shape, and that too in a relatively small space.

-Its padded, contouring arms reduce pain and stress to the shoulders, neck, wrists, hands and upper back muscles.




Though the support and ROM is greater than most machines, the potential for over-extension might be a concern.

-If you are accustomed to an advanced level of working out, you may need to purchase several resistance rods for a more challenging core training. Alternatively, you can do a couple of more reps to get the same results.

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Final Verdict


Overall, the Ab Doer Twist is suitable for people of varying levels of fitness, right from beginners to athletes. It is also recommended for those who desire to blend an ordinary aerobic routine with a more challenging abdominal workout. Additionally, it is specifically designed for individuals who are tired of straining their neck or tired of kneeling on the ground for doing sit ups and crunches. With its ergonomic design, robust construction and presence of the patented Torsion-Flex technology, it targets those hard-to-reach and metabolically active muscles that most other ab machines don’t. Moreover, the anatomically proper positioning reduces pain and strain which makes for an effective workout, meaning you invariably get better results quicker. And the best part is that you don’t just get aerobic workouts, but also targeted oblique and abdominal training, and all while in a seated position!

Ab Carver Pro


The Ab Carver Pro is standard equipment to work out your core muscles for powerful arms and ripped abs. With its high-end design and solid construction, the Ab Carver comes across as vastly superior to low-grade ab wheels. It helps you perform a range of exercises quickly and more effectively. Being an ab wheel, it is built in a manner to help you focus on those exercises that really benefit your abdominals, rather than doing sit-ups or crunches incorrectly.


Main Features



-Ultra Wide Steel: Unlike most ab wheels that are noticeably narrow and leave you feeling shaky whenever you extend back and forth, the Ab Carver Pro has an extra wide wheel that makes for a less wobbly and more stable and confident feeling during exercise.



-Angled Handles: The Ab Pro comes with specially angled handles that enables you to push forth and pull back using your triceps rather than by straining your shoulders. This clever detailing lowers the chances of experiencing pain in the shoulder blades, and also helps you tone and firm the arm muscles while exercising the abs.


-Rubberized Hand Grips: The rubberized grips make you less likely to slip your grip during a vital exercise, and end up face first down on the floor. It gives you the much-needed confidence you need as a novice to perform difficult moves safely.



-Kinetic Engine: The device comes with a kinetic engine, which is actually a robust carbon steel spring designed to help you roll the Carver Pro smoothly forward. The spring is fitted with a recoil that helps you roll back much more easily than with regular ab wheels.

-Foam Knee Pads: Ab Carver Pro is fitted with foam knee pads to offer maximum comfort and lower strain on the knee joints during exercise.


-300lbs Weight Capacity: It is built to safely sustain a maximum weight of 300 lbs.






-The Ab Carver helps you train the entire set of core muscles efficiently, so as to get better and faster results.


-Unlike many entry-level ab wheels, it doesn’t just target the abdominal muscles, rather it trains the arms, shoulders, chest, back and tights as well.

-Thanks to the flexible, wide wheel and ergonomically-shaped handle, it allows for a comfortable use for extended periods of time.


-Most users believe that when the Ab Carver is used correctly, it is quite possible to actually feel the burn within just a 15-minute workout. Moreover, by using it consistently for three to five times a week, you are guaranteed to bring in desirable outcomes within a stretch a few months only.


-Another positive quality of the Ab Carver Pro is that it can be used easily on smooth and carpeted floors with equal ease. Added to that is the fact that it is a portable and lightweight machine. All of these render it versatile enough for rough use.


– While the burn and fatigue from strenuous ab exercises may tire you out after a lengthy workout session, the Ab Carver Pro’s wide wheel, contoured handles and soft knee pads enhance the comfort quotient of performing demanding exercises that eventually lead to sore muscles.




-The device can be a tad difficult on people who have never tried it in the past. However, with sufficient time and use, the body is bound to get accustomed.



Final Verdict


The Ab Carver Pro is an enjoyable and impressive little tool that is more effective than crunches and pushups in firming and toning your abs, and a lot more easy to use. While it might not provide the means to engage in a wide range of exercises, it does enable you to effectively target those muscles in the abs, which is, in fact, one of the toughest parts of the body to tone, especially for people who are new to the whole idea of working out. If you are a complete beginner, learn to use the Ab Carver Pro correctly, that is when you will notice the real benefits of the wheel.


Ab Roller Evolution


Doing crunches without a roller can be quite tough, and unless you do it correctly, you are not going to get the desired results, and you may even end up injuring yourself in the process. While nobody likes to get to the floor for their ab routine, a device like the Ab Roller Evolution makes the whole process easier, as it offers comfort, supports and puts in the right alignment so that you make sure to hit the right muscles and engage your entire core. Defined as the revamped version of the original Ab Roller, the Evolution is constructed to flip down so as to help you use it as dipping bars or push-up handles. Additionally, it is equipped with small, vertical bars on both sides of the headrest to accommodate weigh plates and thereby, help you increase resistance to crank up your workout intensity in the process.


Main Features


-The Ab Roller Evolution is equipped with a padded neck rest to minimize the chances of getting a neck strain while performing crunches.


-It has a lightweight, metallic body that is designed to support average-sized individuals with ease.


-It comes with balanced pegs for adding a certain amount of weight in every workout routine, so as to enhance resistance, and allow for maximal targeting of the abdominals.


-The Ab Roller Evolution is fitted with soft hand grips that provide a comfortable yet solid grasp to ensure maximum confidence and safety when trying out new exercises.


-The backrest and head rest is designed to provided padded support and proper alignment to the upper body, and ensure adequate training of the chest and core muscles.




-The Ab Roller Evolution possesses the ability to include more weights to your workout, which is actually a good feature as the weighted sit up is a great exercise to develop toned abs within a short period of time.


-The cushion on the head rest enhances the comfort quotient of the workout session, and gives you all the support you desire while doing crunches.

-The simple, ergonomic design helps you keep your back properly aligned and contract your abdominal muscles effectively,

-Its unique, crunch-assisting frame makes it perfect for relieving the strain that comes with doing regular exercises like crunch and sit-ups.


-The Ab Roller Evolution is not just ideal for your ab workouts, but also a perfect tool that can be flipped upside down so you get a sort of dip bar to exercise your triceps. As soon as you are done with those, you can flip it around once again. This makes for a great way to perform push-ups in a hands-free manner.


-With Ab Roller Evolution you can perform a variety of exercises. You will enjoy the possibilities to work out most parts of your upper body effectively.




-The frames feel a tad hard on the hands, especially when you do push up and dips. However, if you put on gloves with thick padding, then that should not be an issue. For crunches alone, it works fine! In any case, it’s not a major deal breaker.


-Another minor flaw with the device is that it requires the user to get down to the floor. Hence, people who have difficulty in getting to or off the floor may not prefer it.


Final Verdict


Thanks to its intuitive design, sturdy construction, and ability to function as more than an ab roller, the Ab Roller Evolution comes across as an excellent addition to your home or office. Largely touted as an intermediate device, it is best recommended for individuals with some knowledge of ab training. It is also ideal for those who lack any other means of working out there abs at home. By blending the traditional workout of abdominal crunches with cutting-edge technology, this new revamped version of the Ab Roller is a cleverly designed equipment to help you perform difficult exercises with enjoyment and ease.


Perfect Sit-up


While having the ideal set of abs might be easy to achieve for most of you, perfecting the sit-up exercise can be quite a task. This is especially true if you have a decent amount of flab in the abdominal area, and/or are above 30. To help you attain success, the makers of the Perfect Pull-Up and Perfect Push-Up have come up with the Perfect Sit-up, an ab machine that effectively combines the upper ab crunch and lower leg lifts to get the look and feel you always desired for. This simple, easy-to-assemble machine helps you isolate abdominal muscles from core muscles to gain faster and better results. Designed to enable combination of upper body posture with lower limb resistance, the Perfect Sit-up helps you engage all four sets of your abdominal muscles in your exercise routine. It helps you gain flatter abs, as well as a stronger core. And the best part is, it helps you perform sit-ups easily.


Main Features


-The contoured base helps you position your body in the optimal position to enhance muscle activation and target maximal exercise of the lower abdominal muscles.

-The ergonomic neck support maintains your spine in proper alignment, while reducing your neck strain by supporting your head completely. The head and neck support together reduces joint strain, thereby lowering fatigue that occurs as a result of exercise.

-The hand grips feel firm and allow for comfortable hand placement for prolonged use.

-The foot clips and is smooth, and designed to engage maximum muscles.

-The back blades are designed to activate all the four sets of abdominal muscles, in order to allow for a more effective workout.

-There is a sensor integrated with the machine to notify users whenever the desired range of motion is reached. A characteristic “click” sound is emitted to signify success.

-The product comes with a storage hanger that makes it convenient to store by hanging in the closet.




-One of the most desirable qualities of the Perfect Sit-Up is that it’s surprisingly comfortable for extended use- the head rest is utterly buoyant and feels as satisfying as a salon chair’s headrest. Additionally, the foot clips feel smooth even when you are barefoot.

-Another advantage with this machine is that it assembles with remarkable ease and does not weigh all that much. It breaks down in the same way as it is set up. Moreover, its compact size, lightweight body and storage hanger make it convenient to store in small spaces.

-It is an excellent tool for beginners who are looking to learn the proper form and range of exercises that engage the abdominal muscles maximally.

– The “click” feature is a fantastic way to train and motivate beginners to learn their desired range for motion for every repetition.



-One of the few problems with the Perfect Sit-Up is that the back rest makes some rather embarrassing noises that may startle your fellow gym members.

-The equipment is probably not a great choice for people with large bodies. However, it’s just right for average-size individuals.


Final Verdict


If you are novice to the whole abs scene, then the Perfect Sit-Up is surely a great tool to get started. And for those of you with an established workout, the machine is not really going to enlighten you on some miraculous abs oasis. With that being said, it is still a great piece of equipment for performing effective sit-ups with ease and flexibility. By combining upper body muscles with lower- body resistance, this easy-to-assemble machine practically reinvents the way you do sit-ups.

Ending Note…
With the right ab machine, you can get that ripped, shredded and sculpted look you always dreamed of. However, it is important to consider your particular athletic ability before selecting an ab machine. Your athletic capability is ideally a summation of your average core strength, spinal and hip flexibility, postural problems, as well as ab training experience.