Ab Coaster CS1500 Review - Ab Machine that's Worth the Investment?

Ab Coaster CS1500 Review

The importance of strengthening your abdominal muscles cannot be overemphasized. In fact, the functions of your midsection are many and include, lateral flexion, flexion, the hip flexion as well as the rotation of the torso. Apart from general fitness, virtually each sport requires the use of the abdominals to some extent. Moreover, the prospect of having a stronger abdominal can potentially eliminate stress which tends to develop in the lower back from being sedentary.

There are currently a variety of ab training machines which you may use so as to achieve your fitness goals. But, have you heard of the new Ab Coaster CS1500? If you haven’t, then definitely you must be missing something serious! This is an upgraded and the latest version of the previous model and is ideal for both light commercial and home applications. It is a high-end workout machine that is designed to take your abdominal workouts to the next level. Unlike the other conventional crunches, which usually work your abdominal from the top down, this particular one allows you to work your belly muscles from the bottom up, while incredibly reducing the stress on your back, shoulders and the neck. I know you are feeling inspired and probably want to purchase this fantastic device.

In our previous post we reviewed 5 best ab machines that work, well this machine is definitely one of the best ones. There are so many places where you can buy fitness equipment such as physical stores, amazon and many other online stores. Where can you buy this machine at the best price? Before we provide you with advice regarding where to buy, let us briefly remind you what this machine is all about.

Main Features

Ab Coaster CS1500
  • The machine features a fully flexible roller track that extends and contracts your core muscles effectively.
  • It comes with comfortable arm supports to isolate the range of motions in the lower part of the body.
  • It includes a kneeling pad for optimal alignment and stability of the postural muscles.-The hand grips increase the confidence and safety to maintain an upright body posture while performing strenuous workouts.
  • There are added bars for balanced resistance and reduced strain.


  • The innovative and intuitive design of this ab machine helps prevent overexertion of small, sensitive muscles in the upper and lower back, while maximizing the intrinsic movements of the core muscles.
  • Unlike most other ab machines, this machine works for all fitness levels.
  • Working out with this device is extremely easy, as you don't need to rely on pull-up bars to get the desired motion and effectiveness. With its simple and straightforward design, you can optimally isolate the ab muscles and achieve proper core training in the process.
  • It is the perfect piece of equipment for beginners and professionals alike, and as long as you ensure you perform the exercises right, you will find that no other machine targets the core like this one.
  • The seat glides upwards and downwards the track, so you can use the grips to pull yourself up from a kneeling posture. This ensures intense training of the stomach muscles as well.


  • The major issue with the Ab Coaster is that it is a tad too expensive as compared to its counterparts. It's actually at par with the many high-end pieces of equipment present in the gyms.

Highly Efficient

Bodybuilders and gymnasts realized this particular technique long ago: For you to have a lean core and become stronger for competition, you must work your abs from the bottom up. That is what the CS1500 guarantees.

To be more precise, its curved track mimics a natural spinal flexion, enabling you to conduct and achieve an abdominal lift seamlessly, irrespective of your fitness level.

Additionally, it enhances incredible core stabilization, allowing you to work out your abdominals through a complete range of motion. What’s more, the ergonomic carriage puts you in a pleasant kneeling position thus virtually eliminating the involvement of the hip flexor movement. This is truly an amazing device worth investing in.

Features are Worth the Money

This improved version comes equipped with certain useful features including, an ergonomic motion seat, adjustable hand grips, incredibly glossy stainless steel rails and urethane pads. All these great features function holistically to give you optimal performance hence maximum results.

It makes the most challenging and strenuous ab workouts easy to perform.

It is crucial to note that the Hanging Leg Raise is specifically a bottom-up exercise which is highly efficient and ideal for the development of great abs. However, it is often tough to do. Why? It not only needs you to accomplish a lower abdominal contraction while lifting your lower body's mass but also demands that the strength of your upper body must hang from the bar. If you’ve tried it, then you know how hard and arduous it can be.

However, with the ab coaster 1500 at your disposal, you can quickly and easily perform this particular workout. Its weight-bearing nature eradicates the need to dangle from the bar, placing you in high kneeling spot off the floor. Again, its freestyle motion seat circulates in every direction allowing you to concentrate your obliques at each angle for an excellent abdominal exercise.

Where Should you Buy the CS 1500 Ab Coaster?

First and foremost, this ab machine is very expensive. This implies that you should only purchase it from a dealer that offer it at the most affordable price coupled with some cost-friendly deals and discounts. Apparently, the best place to buy is from Amazon. Why? Whereas other dealers, value it at around $1000, you’ll only have to pay $890 when you purchase from Amazon.

Additionally, this is accompanied with free shipping, and an enticing MONEY BACK guarantee, and you are also covered by an extended warranty. So, you should not be deceived by anyone or any dealer to spend more cash than what you should. Kindly buy the product from Amazon, and you'll likely save a significant amount.

The Bottom Line

The CS150 is evidently a fantastic workout machine which boasts a patented design and other important features. If you intend to achieve amazing abs effortlessly, then this is a must-have product. Though it is relatively pricey, you can buy it on Amazon, where it is much more affordable.