Denise Richards use of the Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is a complete tonal abdominal system that works using electric muscle stimulation. This allowsto achieve similar results as any abdominal workout program in a shorter period of time, without having to spend hours at the gym and possible injuries due to the intensity of the workout.

One of the celebrities that became a fan and a spokesperson for the Flex Belt is Denise Richards. Her days are very hectic between raising three children on her own and her demanding professional work, so finding extra time to go to the gym to keep her body in shape was a real challenge.

According to Denise Richards, the biggest benefit she sees with the Belt is her core strength, because "when the core is strong everything else is strong". She is able to handle all her activities with ease without hurting herself. Since the first time she tried it she was very impressed with the results.

It was the perfect solution for her.

Now she uses the Belt when she is doing other activities, like having a conference call, studying her scripts, doing chores around the house, or preparing meals for her family. She gets a complete and intense abdominal workout at the same time she dedicates time to her professional work and enjoys her children.

A second benefit Denise Richards finds in using the Flex Belt is the confidence she feels when she wears a bikini. She acknowledges that her abs are her problem area because she has neglected them for quite some time. She mentions that it is very important for her to be in great shape because her work requires her to have photo sessions inbikini and in other types of small wardrobe, and usually those photos focus on the abdomen. Since using the device, she feels at ease having those pictures taken. Her abs are perfectly toned without having to spend hours at the gym sacrificing time with her family.

A third benefit Denise Richards finds in the Flex Belt is how comfortable it feels. Just perfect to wear it under her clothes while doing other activities in her house. She does not have to lay down while the Belt is working, or stay in certain stand-up position. Walking around is easy and she can concentrate on having a productive conference call or being fully present when having a conversation with her kids.

A fourth benefit she finds is that she does not have to wear it for long periods of time. Only thirty minutes is what she needs to have a complete abdominal workout that is worth hours at the gym, with the added confidence that it has patented medical-grade technology that is FDA approved.

Denise Richards is very happy using the Belt. It has been the perfect solution for her to keep the balance between work and family while staying in great shape in the area of her body that is more difficult for her to maintain. There is no doubt it has worked for her and it has met her expectations and beyond.

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