If you frequently visit the gym to exercise, it is time you think of timing your visits to get the most out of your workouts. The right strategy and good exercise machines will result in effective fat burning, therefore, making excellent use of your time at the gym. If you find low-resistance equipment to be leisurely, then you are not spending as much energy as you should for your fat burning and body building exercises. With the right equipment, you can go at it steady and slow to benefit your cardiovascular health, build endurance, core, and speed while burning calories. Other than a cardio workout, you need to build lean muscle via strength training using these 4.

Types of Equipment

1. Rowing Machine

If you aim to strengthen your arms, legs, and core while also raising your heart rate, the rowing machine is the one to use. It has become common in gym floors since it can easily be used to exercise the body while sitting down. This machine makes the whole body exercise at the same time resulting in a higher calorie burn in a short session. When used correctly, this equipment can give a lot of benefit to the user. It uses air or water resistance that makes it harder the more effort you put. Your legs, arms, upper body and core are all adequately exercised.

2. Stair Climber

When you use the stair climber, it feels like climbing an infinite set of stairs. The experience is not pleasant but is so effective, time efficient, and it forces you to be on the move the whole time. You stand all through the exercise making it so good for cardio while also strengthening your lower body. When climbing, the whole weight of your body is put on a single leg one at a time hence the burning sensation in your hamstrings, butt, and quads after a few flights.
It works the larger muscle groups of the legs that burn a lot of calories hence efficient fat burning. These big lower body muscles are among the highly active muscles metabolically that require a lot of energy for their maintenance and when active too.

3. Treadmill

Just like the stair climber, it forces you to keep moving during the workout session. You can use it in high-intensity intervals for cardio and also for walking when it is set at a steep incline for maximum calorie burning since it will feel like you are walking uphill. With HIIT the body uses more energy to return to the restive state, therefore, burning more calories. The treadmill has been a great exercise tool for fat burning over the years due to its simple use and efficient results and time usage.
When you walk at a great incline, you burn fat without straining your joints too excessively. This exercise will cause the body to burn more fat than carbohydrates resulting in weight reduction with fat replaced with healthy lean muscle.

4. Fan Bike

The fan bike is the most challenging cardio equipment you should give a try. Made similarly to a stationary bike, it has large fans on the front wheel with two handlebars set higher than the seat. This machine requires you to move both hands and feet to peddle the bike causing you to spend more energy. It uses wind resistance to create the work for your legs and arms, the harder you pedal, the more the resistance and the more calories you burn. It is so intense that it is recommended you start with 10 seconds workout then 50 seconds rest repeated for a total of 10 minutes.


5. Ab Coaster

Ab Coaster is a great peace of equipment. Firstly, it’s an incredible ab machine but that’s not all it’s great for. The way you work your abs with this machine is also great to burn calories, thus stimulate fat burning. It is probably one of the best equipment on the market and is definitely worth the money.