How does the Flex Belt compare with other EMS Devices?

If you're tempted to purchase a Flex Ab Belt, it may pay to compare it to it's competitors before parting with your hard earned money. If you're interested in this particular device, continue reading to read an in depth comparison of the Flex Belt and it's competitors.

How does the Flex Ab Belt Compare with the other Devices on the Market?

1. It is suitable for all body types

Whilst most of the devices on the market come in a standard one size fits all style, which may not fit around larger waists, it comes with a belt extension, which allows it to fit waists which measure over 44 inches.

2.It is sleeker than its rivals

It is sleeker than its rivals

The device has been designed to be streamlined so that it can be worn underneath your clothing, without anyone noticing. Whilst similar products such as the Contour Abs Belt and the Vibro-Belt are far bulkier in design and are not designed to be worn underneath clothing. As an added bonus, this device offers a slim design remote, whilst the Contour Ab Belt and the Vibro-Belt, come packaged with heavy, bulky remotes.

3. It is the first EMS device to be FDA cleared

Not only has the Flex Ab Belt been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) but it has also been subjected to multiple, third party clinical trials. So should you choose to purchase it you can be sure that you're using a product which is safe. Especially, as some reviewers of the competitors, reported feeling sharp painful jolts.

4. It is actually succeeds in contracting your abdominal muscles

At the end of a 6week,clinical trial, 100% of participants reported that their abs were visibly firmer. In comparison, when tested researchers found that the Vibro-Belt, merely vibrates on the surface of participants skin and failed to cause participants abdominal muscles to contract.

There's no point purchasing a product like the Vibro-Belt, as the whole point of an EMS device, is to stimulate your abdominal muscles to contract, in much the same way that they wouldcontract, if you were to complete 150 crunches. Incomparison the FDA have confirmedthat, this device is effective in working out your abdominal muscles.

5. It is rechargeable

 It is rechargeable

Whilst most EMS belts such as the Contour AbsBelt, require 4 batteries, it is environmentally friendly, not to mention cheaper to run as it boasts a rechargeable power supply unit.

As a bonus, you can use the rechargeable power supply unit to power additional Flex branded products, such as the Flex Mini, which can be used to tone and strengthen your thighs and butt.

6. It boasts 150 intensity levels

Most EMS devices such as the Slendertone System Abs, offer up to 100 intensity levels, whilst the flex belt boasts 150 intensity levels.

So, if you're serious about developing a healthy, toned mid-section and have been researching EMS devices, you're far better off purchasing the flex belt, which is FDA cleared and guarantees visible results, than any other EMS ab toner on the market.

Interested in learning more? Watch videos of real user flex belt reviews in our detailed guide.


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