10 Best Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches – 2017 Reviews

What is a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench?

A Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench is a piece of equipment (sometimes it is two separate pieces of equipment) that are used to complete a number of exercise movements to strengthen the body, particularly the core of the body.

Users should read the instruction and exercise guides that come with any Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench they purchase. Each bench is slightly different and has different adjustments and settings, so finding the right one for your needs and body type is important to the success of your workouts.

How is a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench Used?

Roman Chairs and Hyperextension benches are used for a variety of exercises including spinal extensions, spinal flexions, core strengthening, knee extensions, push-ups, dips, and more.

Spinal extensions are often required as part of physical therapy sessions to restore strength to the core and back. Using a roman chair and hyperextension bench, users can perform these strengthening exercises on their back without a lot of stress to the rest of the body. Bending forward and backward can help to release tension and strengthen muscles. Users need to be careful not to cause further injury because moving too quickly can cause problems.

Spinal flexion is also helpful for people who need to strengthen their core and back muscles. This also helps to stabilize the pelvis and hips.

Knee extensions can be helpful on a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench when traditional “wall sits” are not possible for people; especially if they are being used in physical therapy treatment plans. The chair allows the users to gain control over their movements and build their core strength and leg strength.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench Workout?

There are many benefits to a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench workout including strengthening the body’s core. What’s more, people who continually use this type of workout equipment can expect to see noticeable changes in their body overall. Because of the sheer muscle needed to complete the exercises associated with working out on a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench, people will notice a considerable change in their muscle tone and curves in their body. Not only will users experience core strength improvements, but they will have tighter abdominal muscles, stronger spinal muscles, arm strength will improve, leg stability and form will increase, and flexibility will increase with continued use.

Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches can be difficult to use if you are a first timer, but following the directions of a physical therapist or the instructions that come with your workout machine will help you understand how to use the machine to its full extent, thus resulting in much more effective results for your body.

The cons are very few when it comes to working out with a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench system; basically, people get away from using them because they have not been properly taught how to use them to get the maximum results from them. Using the machine once or twice a week for a few minutes is not going to give you the results you want, or need for your physical strength to improve. Building up your endurance over time can take time and sometimes people don’t want to put the effort in to get the results – like many other types of exercise equipment. The work isn’t going to get done if you don’t put the effort in. Another negative impact that can result from using these kinds of exercise equipment is injury – similar to not getting the results people want; they might hurt themselves when they don’t know how to use them properly.

Overall, Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches are safe and effective ways to help you build the body you want and develop core strength that adds to your flexibility, stability and that can help you reduce injury to your body due to accidents in the future. The stronger your body is, the more capable it is to help you stay healthy. You need to know what to look for in a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench so that you get the right one for you. Here’s a list of things you should watch out for when buying your workout equipment.

What Should You Look for in a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench?

When it comes to choosing the right Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench that is right for you, you’ll need to consider several areas in order to make the right choice. First, you’ll want to identify the reason you want to purchase a piece of exercise equipment like this: do you need it for physical therapy purposes? Do you want to improve overall body strength and core strength? Do you want to use it as a way to improve flexibility? Knowing how you are going to use the machine helps you find the one that is designed for those purposes.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you get a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench that is the right size for you. As you’ll see from our review of the 10 best chairs and benches below, they come in a wide array of sizes and shapes and have different weight ratings. So, if you are a little on the light side or heavy side, you’ll need to make sure you get one that you are capable of using, and that can support your weight. What’s more, and what causes the most problems for people is that they buy a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench that is too large for them and their shorter frames don’t fit on the machine. People who are 5’5” or less should consult the product descriptions in detail to make sure that they can use the machines. Most machines are built for average height, and weight people and some machines are not good for people who are closer to 5 feet tall or those who may weigh more than 220 pounds.

Another thing to consider is if you need to be moving your machine around your home gym or spare bedroom. If you are setting it up permanently, the portability and weight of the machine will not be important; however, if you need to share this piece of equipment with your home office or family room, you might want to consider getting a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench that is foldable and lightweight. Some chairs weigh as little as 30 pounds while others can weigh over 100 pounds. In considering the weight, also look at the footprint of the machine and make sure you have the physical space to house the workout equipment in your home or gym.

Reading reviews such as this and asking questions of the manufacturer can help you make the best possible decision for your body type and physical needs. So read on to find out about the best Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches on the market today!

Review of 10 Best Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches on the Market Today

Fitness Reality X-Class Hyper Back Extension Bench

The Fitness Reality X-Class is a roman chair and hyperextension bench in a class all its own. It is one of the best on the market and offers a wide range of features and exercise options. With the ability to hold up to 650 pounds of weight, on frames of 5 feet to 6 foot 4 inches tall, it really is a machine that anyone can use. It offers 1 flat and 3 decline bench adjustments for a variety of motions and up to 14 leg support heights to choose from.

The vinyl bench material covers medium density foam, and the covering helps to resist moisture and sweat and makes your workout more comfortable. The X-Class also offers slip resistant push-up and dip handle bars for maximizing your workout.

Made from steel framing and offering a 45-degree angle for hyper back extension exercises, users can get the most out of any workout they participate in. This is a true muscle sculpting machine.


  • Lots of adjustments for multiple exercises
  • Compact
  • Holds up to 650 pounds
  • Multi-use bench is great for dumbbell and weight bar workouts
  • Transport wheels to move around easily


  • Multiple adjustments might be overwhelming for new users
  • Vinyl cracks over time

Marcy Roman Chair

The Marcy Roman Chair is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that offers a wide variety of workouts for any level of fitness. Helping to strengthen the lower back, this roman chair offers targeted exercises for glutes and hamstrings while simultaneously working the abdominal muscles.

As a hyperextension bench, users can ensure they are working their back and core properly using a variety of movements and adjustments while leaning forward and backward. Made from extremely durable materials, this high-quality roman chair is constructed of a heavy-duty frame that offers maximum comfort during workouts.

If choice and challenge are what you are looking for in a Roman chair and hyperextension bench workout, then the Marcy Roman Chair is for you.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple exercise options


  • Not rated for heavier users
  • Not ideal for sit-ups

Stamina Hyper Bench

The Stamina Hyper Bench is designed to be used with or without dumbbells and offers users an opportunity to develop strong core and back muscles. Using the thickly padded bench that is covered with high-quality durable vinyl, users won’t be sitting in a pool of their own sweat. The footrest offers a no slip surface, which is important when users are trying to stabilize themselves.

This hyper bench folds for easy storage and makes it great for smaller spaces so anyone can workout, no matter how much space they have (or don’t have!). The bench features customizable intensities to increase calorie burn and help sculpt muscles.

Featuring pivoting foam rollers, easy to grip hand rollers, and a durable frame, the Stamina is a great hyperextension bench for anyone.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non slip everything!
  • Great color!


  • Not rated for heavier users
  • Smaller size than other hyper benches on the market
  • No instructions on how to use it

BodySolid GHYP345 Back Hyperextension

This hyperextension bench by BodySolid is made from strong and durable materials and offers a variety of exercises for the user included inverted back extensions and oblique flexor capabilities. Telescoping midsection pads can be adjusted to fit any user’s body, and it is well padded for comfort and support.

Exercises can be tailored to the needs of the user, and it is designed to be used with or without dumbbells to increase intensity.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well built
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multiple uses


  • Can be difficult to adjust height setting for smaller users
  • Not great for shorter people
  • Finish on the frame is not high quality

Powerline Roman Chair/Back Hyperextension

The Powerline Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench offers a multitude of options for users targeting the abdominal muscles, back muscles, glutes and hamstring muscles. The frame is made from heavy gauge steel and has a wide base to eliminate rocking during exercise routines. The powder coated finish makes this piece of equipment look like a professional exercise machine. It is well built and durable. It can be adjusted to fit most users.


  • 10-year frame warranty
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • Professional look
  • Durable design
  • Multiple exercises
  • Manual inversion mechanism


  • Only rated up to 250 pounds
  • Wide base makes it hard to move around
  • Hip support pads are square and uncomfortable for some users
  • Narrow ankle support

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

The Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench is a professionally designed and built exercise machine that can help users achieve the ab strength and core stability they are after. This machine offers adjustable leg supports and is made from heavy duty steel framing measuring 2” x  2”. There are extended hand grips and pivoting foam rollers to help hold your body in place.

This exercise machine also offers adjustable footrests, backrest, and thigh support which can increase or decrease workout intensity. All of the body rests are non-slip and made of quality foam. Push-ups, tricep dips and more are possible on this machine.


  • Multiple uses
  • Sturdy construction
  • 30-degree decline possibility
  • Pin adjustments
  • Adjustable leg lengths
  • Easy to assemble


  • Taller users may have difficulty getting comfortable on the machine
  • Locking pins have been known to fall out when not placed properly
  • Not rated for people over 250 pounds

Goplus Extension Bench

The Goplus Extension and Roman Chair offers 5 pad adjustments for a variety of uses. It is rated for up to 440-pound users and is made from a thick metal providing sturdy use. The hyperextension seat is positioned at an angle which can provide greater intensity during workouts and while working out with dumbbells. The cushions and pads are comfortable, and the overall design of the exercise equipment is professional and compact for home gyms.


  • Professional design
  • Rated for heavier individuals, up to 440 pounds
  • Inclined workouts for greater intensity
  • Easy to assemble


  • Base is not thick and may cause rocking during workouts
  • Extension device is not suitable for shorter people

ANCHEER Roman Chair Hyperextension Bench

The Ancheer Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench offers adjustable leg supports made from high-quality leather – one of the only Roman chairs to use real leather. Most roman chairs and hyperextension benches use vinyl or fake leather. The frame is made from heavy duty steel construction and is finished with anti-rust paint for a long lasting finish.

This machine offers pivoting foam rollers and no-slip rubber frame caps so that machine stays in place and you stay on the machine. There are adjustable foot rests, back rests and more.

This exercise machine folds for easy storage and is lightweight to move around your home gym.


  • Once assembled, lots of workout options
  • Heavy duty finish
  • Bench seat made from real leather
  • Good for different heights


  • Assembly instructions are not clear
  • Parts list is not accurate with what comes for assembly

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Adjustable Back Bench

The Yaheetech Bench and Roman Chair is suitable for up to 440 pounds and is great for users of all shapes and sizes. There are adjustable foam leg holders with up to 6 adjustable positions for various sized users. The footplate offers a textured finish for security and stability during use.

This exercise machine is rated for personal and professional use and can help maintain posture and core strength overall. The machine is coated in a white finish and offers a waterproof and rust-free finish.


  • Professional grade and build
  • Nice finish
  • Waterproof and slip resistance materials
  • Rated for up to 440 pounds


  • Wrist pads lack compression and comfort
  • Tightening bolts during assembly can cause problems
  • Follow directions exactly for assembly

Soozier 45 Degree Roman Chair

The Soozier Hyperextension and Roman Chair offers reinforced steel construction to hold up to 330 pounds of weight during exercises. It offers comfortable padding to support multiple exercises including lower back, abdominal and oblique exercises.

The machine offers flexibility to focus on efficiency, strength and endurance training. It offers a full range of motion for core strengthening and offers a compact design for easy storage. At only 34 pounds itself, the machine can be easily moved around your home gym.


  • It is lightweight and sturdy
  • It offers targeting for core strengthening
  • Comfortable padding to make workouts more enjoyable
  • Rated for up to 330 pounds


  • Set up can be difficult due to wrench not fitting properly in self-adjusting bolts
  • Heavier users may find padding is not sufficient for comfortable workouts
  • Adjustments can be tricky to complete quickly making workouts slower overall

Final Thoughts

In reviewing these 10 Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches several things became obvious: no two machines are created equal in terms of size and weight rating; machines vary in finishes and quality; these machines range in value and price; and finally, the machines we reviewed offered a variety of exercises, some more than others.

When it comes to choosing an overall winner of the best Roman Chairs and Hyperextension Benches we reviewed, we have to go with the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench for a plethora of reasons: it offers the highest weight rating in the lineup making it suitable for virtually anyone who wants to get into exercising with one of these machines; it is accessible for people of varying heights up to 6 foot 4 inches tall! That’s pretty tall you know. And for the shorter people of the bunch, the fully adjustable pads make it easy for someone who is 5 foot nothing to jump on the machine and get a good workout. What’s more, of all the machines we reviewed, the only major complaints about this machine were that it had too many options – lots of value here and that the vinyl was a little cheap and has been known to crack. Considering the functionality and overall usefulness of the machine, it takes the number one place in our roundup overall.

Whether you want a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench to build the body of your dreams or because you need it to recover from a back injury, these products are all well built, offer good value and a variety of exercises, are easy to learn how to use and make getting in shape challenging and rewarding. Because they are on the smaller size of typical exercise equipment, a Roman Chair and Hyperextension Bench makes a great addition to any home gym or professional gym for that matter. With or without dumbbells, these workout machines offer full body toning and strengthening and offer a great workout option to anyone who tries them.