SlenderTone System Abs Reviews - 4 Toning Belts to Strengthen Muscles

slendertone system abs reviews

Building uniformly toned and firm abs is really a difficult task. Many people spend a lot of time in the gym without significant results. Building abs is extremely difficult to the people with a very busy schedule.

Fortunately, with Slendertone System-Abs you can now get firmer and more toned abs within a short time.

What is Slendertone System-Abs?

It is an electrical muscle stimulation device designed by BioMedical Research Company. For years, this company has designed fitness equipment that have helped many people to reach their fitness goal.

It has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective device to tone, strengthen and firm the abdominal abs. It comes in a variety of models; Read individual reviews of each model below.

How It Works

The belt has electrodes which are attached to the skin. The electrodes pass impulses to the muscles which contract just as they would during exercise. The contraction if prolonged for a while is what leads to the toning.

The time it takes to reduce the muscle and tone is dependent on the intensity setting and the complimentary efforts such as exercise and diet.

When can you use the Abs Connect?

Regular toning

This setting offers 118 deep abdominal contractions which in essence when done regularly, build a firm, well defined mid-section. This is a great way to build self confidence In the long run. A toned abdomen contributes to a straighter pose and even better back alignment.

Short term event

If you have only two weeks to prepare for a photo shoot or beach party, this is the belt for you. It offers a setting of 186 muscle contractions that will help you achieve abs worth showing in a short amount of time

Baby weight drop

Keeping in mind the tenderness that is experienced after delivery, and the need to lose baby weight for working mums and models, this plan uses shorter pulses and lower frequencies with 185 abdominal contractions for firm post natal abs.

We recommend that this belt is used after 6 weeks or with the go ahead from a doctor.

A complement to regular exercise

The abs belt can be used in addition to your normal work out regime to help define your abs and strengthen your core muscles.

Designed for endurance, this program has 202 muscle contractions which are set for only thirty minutes. Quite intense.

Advanced toning

This is for the toning gurus who find regular toning to be child’s play. The setting has 192 contractions at intense speed.







The Toning App


Slendertone Abs 7

Slendertone Abs 7


Slendertone Abs 5

Slendertone Abs 5


Slendertone Abs 3

Slendertone Abs 3


The Toning App

The Toning App

This is a free downloadable app that is IOS and Android compatible. The app on your tablet or smart phone can be synced quite easily to the abs belt.


  • Offers a step by step guide to set up.
  • Allows you to select your toning goals and intensity.
  • It keeps records and allows you to monitor your progress.
  • Its interactive interface includes toning alerts and motivational guidance.
  • It allows you the user to keep records with pictures.

Fitness coach

This is a personalized setting which sends you records of how you have been performing and tips on how to reach your goals faster. The coach allows you to compare with other users using training videos and nutritional advice and links to informative blogs.

Motivation using F.I.T.

This are points awarded to you after every session. This points are what add up to your weekly targets. They are calculated depending on;

  • Number of sessions completed
  • The intensity of stimulation you achieved
  • The difficulty level of the toning setting

Medical review

This belt is FDA approved and has been clinically proven to be effective. The belt is used together with 3 gel pads to ensure that all muscles are activated evenly.

The package consists of

  • SlenderTone
  • Connect Abs toning belt
  • Connect controller
  • A set of 3 hydroxyl pads
  • USB charging cable
  • Carry pouch
  • Instruction manual

Slendertone Abs 7

Slendertone Abs 7

The Slendertone Abs 7 mimics the brain stimulation of abdominal muscles to contract in exercise. The electrical muscle stimulation mechanism (EMS) causes the abdominal muscles to contract and when done for a long time they tend to remain smaller and altogether well defined.

The Hydroxyl Pads

These are medical grade pads made with hydroxyl. They are printed to ensure that the impulses are evenly spread out. The gels serve to increase muscle targeting and prevent the belt from causing effects only on one region.

The pads are anti-allergenic and are not harmful to anyone. They use the water as a form of conduction to muscle. The first time you use them you are most likely to feel cold and tingly but with time you become accustomed to the feeling.

Slendertone recommends changing them every after 20 to thirty sessions to prevent their overuse. Remember the effectiveness of the belt is linked to the sturdiness of the pads.

You will most likely know it’s time to replace them if they are no longer as sticky or if the same exercises that would tire you out no longer feel tough enough.

It is also important to maintain them well and to clean your abdomen before using them so as to prolong their usage.

The Controller

The Abs 7 comes with a controller whose features include;

  • It is hand held. This allows you to adjust your exercise intensity without having to move.
  • Ergonomically safe. It is designed in a way that is similar to the shape of the hand. If you tend to exercise frequently there is no risk of you developing any complications from holding the controller for long.
  • Fully Rechargeable battery. This means you can use it for long without the need to constantly charge it or renew it.
  • This controller is also very compatible with SlenderTone arms toning devices which in essence allow you extend your exercise past the abdominal region.

An additional feature is a warm up and cool down phase which allows you to use your muscles correctly.

When bought the box contains

  • The SlenderTone Abs 7 toning belt
  • Rechargeable hand held controller
  • The controller’s charger
  • Replaceable gel pads
  • Guide and efficient manual
  • Travel pouch

There you have it.

Slendertone Abs 5

Slendertone Abs 5

The Abs 5 Belt is another great product in SlenderTone’s line of toning belts. According to research carried out by the SlenderTone research team, 100% of the users developed firmer abs and improved definition in just under 6 weeks.

72% of the users developed abdominal endurance in around the same 6 weeks and finally 49% were able to attest to increased abdominal strength in the same amount of time.

It has 10 high intensity toning plans

Two of the plans are specifically designed to maximize core work outs. The plans are centered on increasing the overall output from whichever exercises you choose to embark on. The intensity level varies from 0-130 allowing you’re to create your own workout regime suited to your needs.

Fun Fact* A 30 minute core workout session with this ab belt is designed to have a weight loss equivalent of 120 abs crunches.

Toning at your convenience

8 of the plans are centered on allowing you’re to tone as you go about your daily duties. You can tone as you drive or even as you go grocery a way, the belt makes exercise seem like a way of life.

The belt is able to go to an intensity of 99.

Is it painful?

Just like every other form of exercise out there, the initial adaptation to this belt is painful. However, with time the body develops endurance and does not feel any pain.

The initial feeling when using the belt is tingly, but with time and depending on the intensity your use, you may no longer feel the tingles.

Progress tracker

The belt has a feature that allows you to track your toning history and how intense each session is.

This in the long run, enables you to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Clinical review

The belt has electrodes which send stimuli to abdominal muscles enabling them to contract. This method of stimulation is called the Electrical Muscle Stimulation. When the muscles are contracted repeatedly, they become toned and eventually, you may be able to get a well-defined mid-section.

The goal of toning also revolves around toning even the deeper muscles. This is why this toning belts come with replaceable hydroxyl belts that ensure even he deep muscles such as rectus abdominals are toned.

The working of the belt mimics how the brain stimulates muscle to contract during exercise. This therefore means that there is in health risk associated with using this belts.

This ab belt is FDA approved.

The box contains

  • The Abs 5 belt
  • Replacement gel pads
  • 3aaa batteries
  • Start guide and manual.

Price ranges

All of these belts are found on the SlenderTone website for as low as $99.99. The best part about buying this new belts is that you are assured of the quality and can comfortably claim warranty.

The belts are also available in many other online stores and sports gear stores. The key to a good deal is scouting for the best prices and comparing them.

Customer Reviews

Most individuals who have used or are using this belts attest to their working. Most people using the belt at least 5 times a week are able to see the changes in a minimum of 8 weeks which is remarkable. Combination of the belt and other methods of weight loss such as diet seems to lead to very impressive results in general.

The only con to these belts is the need to change the pads and fitting. The belts are designed to fit waists measuring around 24”-42”. This excludes any individuals above or below the waist range.

SlenderTone toning belts are easily incorporated into daily life. The Abs Connect syncing with mobile phone allows us to make exercise part and parcel of our everyday life.

Slendertone Abs 3


The Slendertone Abs 3 is by far the most researched of these belts. It is built with the design that effectively overcomes the limitations of any of the other belts. It features an ergonomically breathable belt that is unisex. The belt also comes with hydroxyl pads which overcomes the messes made using gels. Results are easily visible after only 8 weeks of use.

  • It has 7 toning programs that are meant to enable you exercise at your convenience.

The belt is easy fitting and is not visible beneath the clothes. What this means is that you can easily wear it during exercise or personal routine chores without the need for adjustment. This allows you to tone your muscles without the need to interrupt your day to day activities.

In addition to that, the belt is able to track your progress which helps you take note of whether you are advancing forward or not.

The belt is easily adjustable and quite simple to use without the need for handheld controller.

  • The belt targets the rectus abdominals, oblique and the transverse abdominal muscles which are all very important when it comes to abs definition. The belt also has 3 different pads for ensuring that the abdomen is well defined.
  • FDA and Clinical Review

The belt is FDA approved and clinically demonstrated to be effective. Regular use of the belt has been proven to be of great impact to individuals seeking to define their abs.

The use of Electrical Muscle Stimulation possess no medical threat to the individuals using the belt. This is because it is just an artificially mimicry of brain stimulation in muscle contraction. EMS has also been used for years in bed ridden individuals to prevent muscle atrophy and wasting. The belt is comfortable enough to have on when having a simple conversation at rest.

In fact, toning belts are used by doctors, therapists and sports trainers’ world over.

An additional feature is that the belt has a warm up and cool down phase which allows you to use your muscles naturally.

When bought the box contains

  • SlenderTone Abs 3 belt
  • Replacement hydroxyl pads
  • 3*AAA batteries
  • Start guide and manual.

How Does It Work?

It is a belt that is attached to the abdomen and uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology. The technology has been used in the medical industry to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles. It is designed with three pads targeting specific muscles on the abdomen. Slendertone will not only tone the parts the pads lies, but also the muscles that are hard to reach through regular exercises such as sit-ups and crunch. It works on the lower and upper abs, oblique and the girdle muscles.

It releases signals that are sent through the pads to the muscles. As the signal strength get intense, the abdominal muscles contracts just like they do when taking normal exercises. After a while, the signal stops allowing muscles to relax before the next stimulation begins. The rapid contraction and relaxation enables the user to tone, strengthen and firm abs within a short time.

How Often Should you Use It

Bodybuilding experts advise that the belt should be used thirty minutes in a day, and five times a week.


With the belt, you will build firm, strong and uniformly toned abs within six to eight weeks of use. However, to maximize results, you should use it along with a proper diet and regular exercises.


As stated earlier, get strong, firm and uniformly toned abs is not an easy task. Some of the benefits of using it include;

Faster results- With the belt, you will build strong, firm and evenly toned abs with six to eight weeks. When properly used, results are 100% guaranteed.

Easy to use- It is easy to use. You can use without any professional help. It is also comfortable to wear and portable.

Clinically proven- the technology behind the device has been used for years in the medical industry. The belt has been tested and proven to be safe and effective.

User’s reviews

Slendertone belt has received positive feedbacks from its users. No doubt, It is an effective device to firm and tone abs.

Here we have reviewed the 4 their belts currently on the market. Read through the reviews and decide for yourself on which belt fits your needs.


These are by far the best ab toning belts in the market right now. They deliver on their promise. The simplicity and the innovativeness behind their making makes them an almost necessary addition to any work out plan. The reviews from most of the users are also promising and are testament to the quality behind the designs.

Would I buy one of these? Definitely.