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Every man wants to have 6-pack abs and every woman wants to have a super toned and slim abs for that extremely attractive hourglass figure. But alas, the stomach area is the #1 area of the body with the most fat build up, and coincidentally, the hardest to tone and define.

Sure, there are core exercises, sit-up routines, and ab workouts that target this very part of the body – but they they take so much effort, time, and commitment. Not everyone has the luxury of hitting the gym everyday or doing 100 crunches on a daily basis – individuals who are busy with their careers or family lives find it hard to find the time for exercising.

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Introducing The Flex Belt – the revolutionary and FDA-cleared device that helps tone your ab muscles for that tighter and firmer waist. This detailed review will help you understand everything you need to know about this product, let’s get into the details.

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Watch the Video of LA’s Top Personal Trainers Try The Flex Belt

Does it Really Work?

  • This device is an electronic tool that uses the science behind EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This belt is a device specifically designed to strengthen, tone, and firm the ab muscles.
  • It stands out in the sea of other ab belts in the industry because it is the first and only ab-muscle firming device cleared by the FDA. FDA clears this device for toning, strengthening, and firming the ab muscles – ensuring you of its safety and efficacy in delivering what it promises.

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  • The company behind this product is headquartered in Galway, Ireland, and has over 40 years of trusted and renowned experience in the field of EMS devices. The company designs, manufactures, and markets EMS devices for both medical and consumer use. In fact, over 5000 clinics all over the world use their devices – which is a true testament to how reliable they are in the industry.
  • The company gathered decades of expertise and combined their knowledge and experience with the latest state-of-the-art technologies to create The Belt, using a patented medical-grade technology that specifically stimulates the nerves found in the abdomen to create firmer and stronger ab muscles.

How to Use

This product’s medical grade technology produces electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves of the ab belt safetystomach muscles. The belt itself contains 3 gel pads, which are medical devices with a special coating which adheres to the skin. These gel pads produce the impulses to your muscles, which then contract and relax, mimicking the effects of crunches.

In simple terms, this product produces the very same results of ab exercises or core training, without you having to move any of your stomach muscles. You simply put the belt on, turn it on, and it will automatically produce currents that stimulate your stomach’s nerve muscles.

Girl tummy runnerSimply wear the belt for 30 minutes every day for 4 weeks, or 2-3 times a week over a course of 8 weeks, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of firmer abs. At first use, the mild pulsing sensation may be pronounced, but once you get used to wearing it, it won’t be as noticeable as your first use. You’ll then feel the tightening of the muscles, where they stay in a tensed position for a few seconds, and the muscles relax gently once again.

The pads are placed strategically on 3 places on the belt but it doesn’t mean only the parts of your body that are exposed to the pads are being toned. When you use the belt, all of your ab muscles are being worked on, which include your upper abs, lower abs, and even on your obliques.

The Importance of the Gel Pads

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The pads are the very reasons why this belt works to give you a flatter and leaner belly. Without these pads, the belt won’t work since nothing will conduct the electrical currents on your body.
However, these gel pads have to be replaced every 30 days or every after 30 sessions. You’d have to replace them once you’ve reached 30 uses. The effectiveness of your toning session relies entirely on the quality of your gel pads, so you must take good care of them and replace them with new ones once they’re used up.

It is advisable that when you order, you also include 2 to 3 sets of gel pads so you get to use the belt for longer periods of time.


Is it Safe?

-A lot of people may be worried about using an electronic device on their body. With this product, you need not worry about this device’s safety and efficiency.
-By being the first ever EMS device cleared by the FDA, the belt carries the CE symbol, and complies with the Medical Device Driective (93/42/EEC) requirements.
-The product’s manufacturers have conducted clinical trials with results that led to firmer, stronger, and more toned abs in just a few weeks of use.


Should You Use this Product?

Absolutely anyone can use this device – be it a man or woman, and at any age. If you’re a busy mom with little kids, simply wear it under your clothes as you do the laundry, wash the dishes, or when you’re cooking dinner. It only requires 30 minutes of wear per session and that’s it. You don’t have to do anything else at all.

Even for working executives, you can wear the flex belt under your suit while you’re working, or even for fitness aficionados who want that boost in their core muscle strength. This device is absolutely safe and effective for daily use and for anyone!

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However, there may be some exceptions especially for individuals with specific medical conditions. Do not use this ab belt if you have any of the following conditions:

>If you have heart problems;>If you are fitted with a pacemaker;>If you have any type of diabetes that require insulin shots;>If you are getting treatment for cancer or have cancerous lesions.

If you have any medical conditions or if you’re currently taking prescription medication, always consult your doctor before you try any device or tool on your body.

If you’ve just given birth the natural method, wait at least six weeks before using the device. If you had a C-section, wait at least 3 months after your child’s birth so your scar tissue is completely healed.


Scientific Research

A clinical study was done in 2008 by Dr. John Porcari, who is a professor of sports medicine and exercise at the University of Wisconsin. The study involved participants who used The Flex Ab Belt over a course of 6 weeks. After answering the study’s evaluation questionnaire of the results, the study revealed that 100% of the participants reported that their abs felt more toned and firm, and 92.3% felt an increase in their overall ab muscles. This study confirms this device is safe, it works, and delivers fast results.


Are There Complaints?

This ab-firming device is actually used by a large number of celebrities and fitness gurus.
Among the product’s endorsers is former Bond girl Denise Richards. As a mom, actress, and entrepreneur, Richards has to juggle her acting career, her business, and family life. And with her busy schedule and her need to maintain a gorgeous body, she needed to have a solution to keep fit but without having to sacrifice any of her commitments and obligations.

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Richards loves the device because she doesn’t have to stop whatever it is she’s doing – whether it be reading a script for a movie role, cooking dinner for her kids, or simply washing the dishes. With Flex Ab Toning Belt, she attests there is no more excuse for not getting your ab workout done.

America’s Next Top Model’s first ever winner and former reality TV star Adrianne Curry also uses this device, and she loves it because it gives her abs the workout they need to maintain their lean look. She gets the workout done without having to think about it, and she loves the fact that the belt does all the work and she gets the results.

About 96% of the belt’s actual users report to wanting to continue using the device, and 92% reports on its easy applicability to daily routine.

Real Reviews from Real Users


Before and After

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Variety of Intensity

  • This belt allows you to adjust the intensity of the currents from 1-150 per session. This is a great feature since everyone has different paces and needs in terms of their ab muscles.
  • For beginners, the pulsing sensation may be too overwhelming or awkward when they first put the belt on their belly. They may start with the lower intensities, and gradually move up to the higher intensities once they get used to the sensation.
  • For those who frequent the gym and already have a toned set of abs, starting to use the belt with higher intensities will suit them the most.
  • You can adjust the intensity by using a remote control that comes with the device. So if you use it at a high intensity level and you’re not comfortable, simply change the level.


At only less than 2 pounds of weight, using this belt will feel ultra comfortable – like wearing an extra piece of underwear. Simply wear it under your clothes and it’s good to do.

Does All the Work for Youpros

If you want washboard abs, a flatter belly, or simply want to tighten your stomach muscles, this device will do all the work for you. With its muscle contraction and relaxation technique, it actually mimics the effects of jogging, crunches, sit-ups, and planking. And the best part? You don’t have to move a single core muscle – it does all the job for you.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The company doesn’t give you a 30-day guarantee, but a 60-day guarantee or get your full money back. Using the belt for 1 week can yield results but significant effects are visible in a short 8 weeks. They’re so confident that their product will truly work to tone your abs that they’re willing to give you the entire duration for the product to work before you decide if it suits your needs or not.

If you’re not satisfied, simply return the product and you get your full money back – which makes it a risk-free investment.



Since this product is considered to be an investment, it does start at a high price point. However, you can save pretty big if you get one today.

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Gel Pads Only Last 30 sessions or Less

Depending on the way you use the gel pads, their maximum capacity is only 30 sessions. If you don’t maintain your belt properly, their use can be as little as 20 sessions. For an electronic device, the fact that you have to replace the gel pads regularly every month can be a hassle.

Can Make You Forget to Exercise

-Since this device does everything for you, it can make you forget about the importance of exercise. The product does help in making your belly look and feel tighter and firmer, but the company does not claim that it’s an alternative to exercise. Rather, it helps to give you the abs that you want, but the company still promotes healthy living – and that’s having a good and balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis.

What You Get with The Belt

The device is sold exclusively at the company’s official website, and from authority sites. If you choose to buy your belt from the official website, the price is at $199.99. If you get 2 belts for yourself and a loved one, you get to enjoy a $50 discount with its $349 price for the 2 belts together. If you buy more in one purchase, you get to enjoy more savings.

The price for additional gel pads can be asked from the official website.

What You Get

>1 Belt with 3 gel pads>1 Rechargeable power supply unit, which can be used with the company’s other devices>1 Belt extension for those who have waistlines over 44 inches>1 Instruction Manual>Bonus Belt Meal Planner worth $50. This planner is a patent-pending product considered to be one of the most robust and advanced of its kind to help you achieve your weight loss goals. And you get to enjoy a free 30-day all access to the planner when you buy The Flex Belt.

There are so many weight loss and belly busting products in the market today. Though a large number of weight loss supplements do help you get rid of excess fat and weight but they don’t tone your muscles – they simply get rid of the weight.

When this happens, you do get to enjoy weight loss but then you still have to work out to get that toned belly. With The Flex Belt, you get to enjoy having leaner, firmer, and more defined stomach muscles for that beautiful set of abs that’s worth showing off.

The device is completely safe since it’s FDA  cleared, and just about every user who’s tried it report to feeling tighter and firmer abs – even celebrities attest to how effective and easy it is to use.
When you don’t have time to hit the gym or do crunches every day, this product is a great option to produce firmer ab muscles that give you the body you’ve always wanted.

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