Life After an Acute Stroke: Different Therapy Options

During the first phase of a patient’s recovery after a stroke, doctors do their best to ensure that the damage from the stroke remains as minimal as possible. In this YouTube video, viewers hear from a neurologist who explains how stem cell therapy is now used to help people regain wellness after a stroke. Research has allowed doctors to discover that human stem cell therapy can be used to speed up the stroke healing process.

A stroke is caused either by a blood clot in the brain or a weakened blood vessel.

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The results of these brain events are weakening or paralysis of body parts. During the period someone is affected by a stroke, they may experience a decreased ability to move or use their arms, legs, or voice. Many times, a stroke leaves a client paralyzed on one side of the body.

According to DVCStem, human stem cells can be transformed into different types of cells, including nerve cells. The stem cells in these transactions are injected into arteries and travel through the circulatory system into the brain. As the transformed cells increase in number, the transformed cells will help the brain heal. Once the brain begins to heal, it allows the body to regain function and mobility.


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