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Determine your fitness goals before buying home exercise equipment

There are several types of home gyms in the market and each offers various different options and accessories. Therefore, before you buy an exercise machine, you need to know what you want specifically. Otherwise, you may be talked into purchasing an expensive machine that doesn’t meet your needs. In this article, we tell you how to identify your fitness goals so as to get a machine that will enable you achieve these goals.

What is your current level of fitness?

The kind of physical activity regimen you will put in place depends a lot on your current level of fitness. To determine your starting point, assess and record your first fitness scores when beginning your program. This will enable you to track your progress especially if you do it daily.

In assessing your muscular and aerobic fitness, body composition and flexibility, record the following:

• Your pulse rate before and after walking a distance of 1 mile
• How long does it take you to cover 1 mile?
• What is your waist circumference?
• How many push-ups can you manage in one set?
• What is your BMI (body mass index)?

Do you have any health conditions?

It is important to first talk to your physician before you start any new activity program if you suffer from a chronic medical condition like heart disease or diabetes. But if you are a healthy individual you don’t necessarily have to consult a doctor before you start an activity program.

What types of exercises do you enjoy?

According to research, a person has higher chances of continuing fitness program if they enjoy it. If you like dancing, you should consider joining an aerobics class that offers dance moves. And if you are the type that enjoys working out in the company of other people, you may want to join a walking club or try a gym membership. But if you prefer exercising alone, a workout DVD may just be what you need.

Next Step: Goal setting

Armed with the answers from the questions in the above section, you should be ready now to set your goals.

General Goal

If you are beginning to work out for the first time, your goal should be as simple as meeting the physical activity recommendations as set by American Heart Association (AHA). These include at least 75 minutes a week of rigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises.

Specific goal

If you have more specific goal for instance completing a triathlon or running a 5 km race, you need to have a plan of how to attain your goal. You may want to join a triathlon group or your local running club. This will help you design a training plan to strengthen your resolve and increase your stamina.

Weight loss goal

If you are getting into physical activity for the sole purpose of losing weight, it is important to speak to your doctor to tell you the amount of weight you should lose each week. Physical activity, along with the right intake of calories, is an integral part of shedding some pounds. The amount of exercises required to attain a healthy weight will vary from one person to another greatly.


Among the most important factors to consider when buying home fitness machines is your fitness goals. Clear goals will motivate you when you are not in the mood to exercise. To stick with your exercise program, you should track your progress.

Can Electric Ab Belts Be Used By Pregnant Women?

Electric ab belts are appealing for many workouts. These administer like electric shocks to the abdominal ab belts pregnancymuscles. This causes the muscles to contract and can help to tone muscles. This may work well when using a healthy diet and exercise program as it can help you to burn off added fats and to tone those muscles so they will look great.

However, at the same time, it is important for people to think carefully when getting one of these belts to work. This is especially the case when it comes to pregnant women. You must avoid using one of these devices if you are pregnant. There are too many risks associated with these devices. You have to work carefully when finding a good device that can certainly be suitable and easy to follow.

The Danger Is Real

The main reason why you should avoid using an ab belt if you are pregnant comes from how the electric shocks might be harmful to your unborn child. The shocks that you will experience can be rather minimal on a normal body but they will still go well through many layers of skin and can get deep into your muscles. This may help with trimming off fats in some cases depending on how well this work.

The greatest concern about ab toners is that the electric shocks can easily harm the unborn child. The shocks can stunt the child’s development. In addition, the shocks will irritate the child to where it may move around within the womb far too much. This could make the delivery process a little more difficult.

The added stress that may be placed on your body from getting the belt onto your abdomen may also be a problem. A typical ab belt can weigh a few pounds. This might not seem like much when compared with what you might find elsewhere on your body but the added weight that can come about may prove to be too difficult for you to work with.

What About After the Birth?

You can always use the device after you have given birth. However, you should wait for a period of time to ensure that your body will actually recover from the birthing process. You can use an electric ab toner  about six weeks after how you have given birth. Be sure to talk with your doctor about this before you start using it. This is to see that your body can easily handle the ab belt and keep from suffering from fatigue.

Meanwhile, you should talk with your doctor if you have had a C-section in the past three months. It might take longer for your body to recover from this particular process.

Do not use it if you are pregnant. The risk associated with it is far too significant. You can still use it after you give birth provided you have a word with your doctor about this beforehand. This can help you get abs to look better after you give birth provided that you are careful enough when choosing something the right time to use it.

Which Ab Belts do We Recommend?

The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is by far one of the best quality ab toners on the market today. We certainly advise that you DO NOT use any ab belts while pregnant including this one.

If you decide that you want to give it a try, we highly recommend that you read out guide on it here