Designing the Outdoors: Enjoying Your Backyard the Entire Year

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2020 marked the year of lockdowns and social isolation. Unsurprisingly, the year that followed is all about the great outdoors. From kitchens, dining areas to home offices, everything that was once limited to the indoors found its way outside. Pools became bars. Patios were turned into dining spaces. And, car sheds were transformed into outdoor entertainment areas. Consequently, what were once seasonal pleasures, such as garden cookouts and bonding by the fire pits, became sources of solace for people all year round.

The Pandemic and Residential Yards: Staying at Home All Year

The COVID-19 outbreak drove many people indoors. At first, this abrupt shift has been taken as an emergency measure that will last for a few weeks. But as months passed and the number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge, many found themselves feeling alone and missing the great outdoors.

To ditch the boredom of the indoors, homeowners are refashioning their residential spaces to create the perfect staycation vibe. Outdoor spaces were especially given close attention. No longer are gardens and patios reserved for summer barbecues and spring-themed parties. As people try to cope with the stay-at-home order, outdoor living spaces are made to last year-round.

If you’re eager to join in this trend, here are a few helpful tips you might want to consider. From retractable shade fixtures to privacy screens, here are what make up a beautiful yard that lasts year-round. Read on.

2021 Backyard Checklist for the Year-round

1. Shade it

Spending time outdoors poses a list of concerns. The most obvious is the weather-related problems. From the harsh sunlight to unexpected downpours, many elements can ruin your typical day in the yard. To make your outdoor space functional no matter the season, the best solution is to create shaded areas that’ll protect you from the changing weather conditions.

To date, fabulous shaded structures are especially on the rise. Some build wooden gazebos to give their garden a fairy tale feel. Others invest in marble pavilions to create luxurious outdoor areas perfect for tea parties and drinking sessions.

On the other hand, those that prefer portability prefer retractable shade fixtures. These include retractable canopies, shade sails, and porch umbrellas. Often, these shaded areas are used as afternoon snack areas and leisure reading spots.

2. Add technology

The pandemic saw the incorporation of technology in outdoor living spaces. Since yard areas are now expected to accommodate people all year round, devices normally found indoors are now out in the open space. These include televisions, smart lighting, and audio systems.

Outdoor theater spaces are now even gaining traction. With just a video projector, white wall, and speakers, homeowners can now snuggle under blankets and enjoy some good movies out in the open world. Some invest in weather-resistant outdoor televisions to ditch the hassle of setting up additional devices.

Other technological innovations that found their way into the backyard setting include Wi-Fi devices and solar phone chargers. Even refrigerators and ovens are out to accommodate pizzas and beers for possible gatherings.

3. Secure privacy and protection

Since everyone is expected to spend more time outdoors this year, backyards are now more secured than ever. From motion-sensing lights to high-performing surveillance cameras, different security devices are installed to protect outdoor living spaces. This is especially important considering that homeowners give extra effort to make their yard appear comfy and luxurious. Naturally, television sets and expensive pieces of furniture are expected to be out in the open.

Aside from security, privacy is also a concern. Different features that can add privacy to outdoor spaces are now being considered, with most activities now done outdoors, such as workout routines. These include outdoor screens, wood lattice panels, and Trex fencing gates.

Some even rely on potted plants and vine-covered trellis to create an extra layer of privacy. Others turn to fabulous curtains to shield their leisure areas from neighbors and passersby.

4. Heat it up

When it comes to the outdoors, the morning heat isn’t just your problem. You’re likely to encounter strong breeze and cold nights, too. Consider installing fire pits and heat lamps to keep your yard usable even in winter and at night.

These features will help make your outdoor spaces more fun and comfortable. They are also nice additions if you like to share stories or play board games with your family members. You can also build these fire pits just beside your outdoor movie area to keep you warm during your weekend movie marathons.

Spend the whole of 2021 at the company of the wide world. Ditch the boredom of the indoors by making your yard usable year-round.


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