The MMA Life: How Greg Jackson Became One of the Best MMA Trainers in the World

Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson is an athlete and trainer specializing in the field of mixed martial arts. Now that MMA is becoming an ever more popular sport, many amateur MMA fighters seek his help. But how did this Albuquerque native became one of the best MMA trainers worldwide? We will explore Jackson’s tactic into MMA training in this article and what made him so successful.

Greg Jackson was born in Washington D.C., but he and his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico when he was three. It was in Albuquerque he was raised into the fine man we know of today. However, his childhood wasn’t easy.

Life of Fighting

Jackson usually found himself in trouble for starting fights at school. He was suspended multiple times for inciting such events, and school life wasn’t easy for him. But he continued to follow the same routine as he grows older. Finally, when he graduated¬†from high school, he found his true passion, and it was in mixed martial arts.

The Start of a Trainer

Combining the experiences he had from fighting as a kid and the research he did when he was a teenager, he was able to find his own martial art known as Gaidojutsu. This martial art is known to combine moves from wrestling, kickboxing, and judo. This is an effective mixed martial art form known for its aggressiveness and ability to control the field.

Eventually, in 2000, the very first school he started became recognized as an MMA school. So, in 2007, he joined forces with Mike Winkeljohn, another trainer in MMA fighting, to start the Jackson Wink University. This university teaches amateurs to join the growing ranks of professional MMA fighters.

Greg Jackson

The Success Story

The martial arts studios industry in the U.S. is a growing market valued at a staggering $9 billion. Although Jackson doesn’t own the lion’s share of this billion-dollar market, he is well-known by many to have trained the best MMA fighters in the world. So naturally, this pushes thousands of amateurs to be trained under him and his university.

It’s estimated that the overall net worth of Greg Jackson is around $2 million, but this might have increased throughout the years, as more fame reach him daily. However, he has principles when it comes to training that made him such a great trainer.

Greg Jackson is the kind of trainer that leaves no room for excuses. If you’re planning to be trained under him, you’re going to need to fight through your weaknesses and leave any excuse out of the door. MMA for Jackson leaves no room for mistakes, and you’re going to need to be confident in yourself if you want to be successful in the industry.

Fight with Honor

Dirty fighting works well if you’re trying to survive, but not when you’re in the field. Dirty tactics will only lead to disqualification, and Jackson doesn’t want that under his name. So if you’re going to train under him and want to become a famous MMA fighter in the future, you’re going to need to fight with honor and decency.

How you win depends on how hard you train and work out. MMA is about your physicality and experience on the field, alongside your personal IQ. You don’t improve on any of these things by sitting around. Instead, you improve by working hard and fighting harder.

Smart Girl Defense

Jackson also offers to give classes to women who want to defend themselves, and he is also willing to train women who want to become trainers in the future.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reported that more than four million American women report physical abuse annually. Most of these women are powerless to defend themselves, and Greg Jackson doesn’t take these events likely. He is now teaching women to protect themselves smartly and proactively.

Smart girl defense includes recognizing hostiles or stalkers following women, different ways to disengage from a grapple, and more. Some organizations are shouldering the self-defense personal trainer course cost to get more women to teach how to protect themselves. This is a serious problem and one that continues to grow this year because people are locked inside their homes.

Greg Jackson has been fighting for the majority of his life, and you should too. Regardless of who you are, the principles he has in his training should apply in your personal life. It’s time to stand up and work hard for your life. Have some honor and decency wherever you go, and leave no excuses when working for your career.

Self-esteem and mindset play a big role in whatever we do, and Greg Jackson knows that. So put that in your head and start fighting for your life. Everyone knows that you’ve been doing that ever since day one. You just have to do better in it.


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