Personalized Wedding Essentials: What to DIY

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Having a wedding is undoubtedly expensive. Some couples spend so much time, money, and effort to make their big day as grand and memorable as possible. Others look for the most stunning wedding venues to create a romantic backdrop for their wedding ceremony and reception. From enchanting gardens to historical venues, there’s no stopping couples from making their dream wedding a reality.

Meanwhile, some couples are very cautious about how much they’re willing to spend on their wedding. In fact, many found themselves in this situation because of the financial challenges caused by COVID-19. Some lose their jobs, while others lose their businesses. Other people choose to postpone their wedding plans; many are still keen to push through.

Handling the wedding tasks yourself is a perfect way to customize your wedding event and save more money in the process. From crafting the guest list, catering, venue, and seating charts, everything can be overwhelming. To help you with your DIY wedding, we’ll help you apply your personal touches on your big day without breaking the bank.


Sending out wedding invitations is a charming way to declare your plans to marry. But why should you go for overpriced ones if you can make them instead? A DIY wedding invitation is more casual, personal, and more affordable than paying a professional invitation maker to do it.

You can simply request a friend or a family member who’s skilled in digital design, or you can do the task yourself through photo editing applications. This approach isn’t only cheaper, but going the DIY route allows you to channel your partner’s personality.

Another trick is to order online a DIY assembly package that comes at a lower price. Its contents are ready to be cut and assembled, and all you need are extra scrapbooking materials for an added flair.

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Most florists charge incredibly high fees for arranging, delivering, and setting up to ensure a glamorous floral centerpiece for your wedding. But it’s possible to make one your own with little creativity! Arranging your own floral arrangements for your wedding is actually cheaper without sacrificing that dramatic flair.

You can make a personalized one by simply gathering a bunch of wildflowers and set them in a colored jar or a simple vase accented with assorted greenery. You also head to the grocery and buy big bouquets, then split them into several vases. Tiny flower arrangements never go out of style while adding that laid-back ambiance to the reception.


Why rent a wine bar if you can simply produce a great line of sparkling wines? Your guests aren’t going to waste their time checking labels and whining that you don’t have the top-shelf brands. Pique your guests’ taste buds by coming up with your signature wedding cocktail! From infused vodka, cosmopolitan mix, and DIY sours, the choices are endless.

Besides having fun creating the drinks, your guests will even appreciate and remember them—no need to buy mixers, liquors, and other alcoholic drinks. Plus, you’ll also save yourself from any post-alcohol drama from your friends and family members!


Who even dances these days? Some couples pay for dance lessons to avoid embarrassing themselves on their first dance as husband and wife. Save yourself some big bucks by looking up dance tutorials online. Your first dance as a married couple doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important is you savor the moment with your partner and the most special people around you.

If you’re looking for some entertainment, you can request a friend who has a talent for singing, or you can gather family members to form a music band. They can organize a simple performance to keep your guests entertained with lovely background music.

Photo booth

A photo booth is an easy addition to a wedding, and they also make ideal wedding favors. There is no need to buy advanced equipment or hire a professional team to have a perfect wedding booth.

The key to a fancy Photo Booth lies in the backdrop and lighting. You can simply opt for a flower wall attached to plywood boards and give it some shine by installing daylight bulbs. It would help if you could set it up in an area with access to natural light to get the desired illumination.

Planning your wedding can be very stressful, but applying the right steps can make it a hassle-free process. DIY weddings allow you to personalize your big day without spending more. Once you’ve identified your priorities and followed the steps above, it’s easy to decide how you want your DIY wedding to turn out.


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