Hottest Wellness Products of 2021: Are They Worth the Money?

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Traditionally, we’ve known wellness as a product category that included bath and beauty products. Scented candles, yoga equipment, and massage tools used to be unpopular in that category. We viewed them as nonessential.

But when the internet popularized self-care, the wellness industry also expanded to the so-called “nonessential” products. And our attitudes about the product category changed, too. Scented candles were no longer just decorative. Instead, they’re aromatherapy products that improve our moods every day. Yoga has become a fitness routine and not just a relaxing pastime. And the other wellness products saw a bigger market, especially now that we’re mostly staying at home.

2021 has brought many fantastic wellness products. Though they’re nothing new in the market, some of them are just getting popular now. Let’s see if they’re worth buying:

1. Yoga Equipment

Not all kinds of yoga equipment are essential in your practice. But if your body requires additional support, especially for challenging poses, some equipment will be handy.

Yoga blocks are among the yoga equipment that grew popular in 2021. They help maintain your balance for poses such as half-moon and standing splits. They also keep your chest open, not caving in, which tends to happen if you touch the floor without enough hamstring flexibility.

You can substitute yoga blocks for books or small boxes, as long as they have the same thickness as a yoga block. But buying the product itself may be more convenient, as the blocks have the proper dimensions that help enhance your balance and flexibility.

Another popular yoga equipment is the straps or belts. They act as the extensions of your arms for poses when you have to reach for your feet. They’re worth it if you don’t want to exceed the limits of your hamstring flexibility. However, indulging your lack of flexibility will not help in increasing it. So instead of relying on the straps all the time to reach for your feet, use them instead for binding poses. It will help open up your chest in heart-opening stretches.

For back and other muscle group support, a yoga bolster is recommended. They’re particularly handy in restorative and prenatal yoga practices.

Yoga equipment is worth it more often than not. If you’re serious about evolving from beginner level to expert, you’d need them.

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2. Massage Chair

Massage chairs are a splurge, so not many households own them. But if budget permits, invest in one; it’s worth the price. Massage chairs allow you to give yourself a relaxing and thorough back massage. It can also give you a full-body massage. Plus, the product boasts various health benefits. Aside from soothing your tense and tired muscles, it can improve your blood flow, immune system, and lymphatic drainage.

A massage affects the immune system because it increases the lymphocytes in your body. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that protect your body against infections and disease. Therefore, using your massage chair every day for 30 minutes can make you more immune to colds, flu, and other common illnesses.

3. Massage Gun

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts swear by the massage gun. It’s a device with a slight resemblance to a power drill. In slow motion, the tip of the gun is satisfying to watch, pounding on the muscle and loosening all knots and tension.

Using a massage gun is a form of percussive therapy. This is a deeper, more effective mode of recovery and body activation than vibration therapy. The rapid percussion of massage guns promotes fluid circulation. However, massage guns don’t necessarily replace massage therapists. Some skills are required to handle the device properly, or the user may injure themselves. Hence, massage gun buyers should still consult a therapist to make their purchase worth it.

4. Cordless Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is probably the last thing you’d think of when it comes to wellness products. But a clean home is essential for your wellness, too. A cordless vacuum cleaner can make your cleaning sessions less straining on the body.

It’s just a bit tricky to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner. Often, only those from popular brands are worth the money. Cheap and generic products don’t clean thoroughly. Also, if you live in a big home with plenty of carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture, a cordless vacuum cleaner might not be enough to clean the entire space. But for bedrooms, it should work well.

The Verdict

Considering the perks of each wellness product, they’re all worth buying, but you have to use them regularly. They can make your daily life a bit more exciting.


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