Best Electronic Ab Belts Reviews:

Do They Really Work?

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Everyone wants to have great abs but the truth is they are extremely hard to get and require hard work. So what should you do if you want to have great looking abs but don’t have the time to spend countless hours in the gym working out?

There are many ways to get abs that are being advertised all over the internet and television, but the fact is that many of them aren’t that effective. Either it’s a pill that claims to burn fat over night or it’s some sort of a machine that would cost you hundreds of dollars. However, there are also EMS or Electronic Ab Belts

Best Electronic Ab Belts Reviews

With an electronic ab belt you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to obtain a toned and flat stomach. If you’re short of time or lack the motivation to visit the gym, you can give your body an intensive abdominal workout by wearing it for 30 minutes a day

Top 3 Best Ab Toners Reviewed

The acronym EMS, stands for electrical muscle stimulation. When you wear an EMS belt, it will produce a series of gentle, electrical currents, which will stimulate your abdominal muscles to contract. In much the same way that your abdominal muscles would contract while performing sit ups or push ups. However, unlike completing grueling exercises such as sit ups, wearing the device takes no effort.



Minutes of Use

Perfect For:


The Flex Belt

Flex Belt

30 mins.


Slendertone Belts


30 mins.

Individuals who are already in shape, but just want to tone their mid section

Contour Ab Belt

Contour Ab Belt

20 mins.


If you’re tempted to purchase one of your own, continue reading to discover the advantages and disadvantages of 3 of the best selling Ab Toners on the market.

(#1 Choice) The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt

Unlike some of it’s competitors this one is FDA Cleared, so you can rest assured that it’s perfectly safe to use. One of the advantages of purchasing the Flex Belt is that it guarantees to stimulate all of your major stomach muscles, as a result your lower abs, upper abs and obliques will be given an intense work out.

In fact, during a single session, you’ll abdominal muscles will contract up to 150 times. Better yet, you only have the wear it for 30 minutes a day, in order to see visible results and you can wear your Flex Belt while completing other activities such as watching television, cleaning or studying.

The Contour Ab Belt

Whilst the Flex Belt has received positive reviews from individuals of all shapes and sizes, individuals who are already in shape and are just looking to tone their mid section, seem to benefit more from wearing the Contour Ab Belt.

Some users have also complained about feeling prickly or tingly sensations whilst wearing the Contour. However, some users have managed to fix this issue by replacing their gel pads.

Slendertone Belts

Slendertone Belts

The Slendertone is incredibly effective and has been clinically proven to flatten users stomachs within 4-6 weeks.

Better yet, unlike the Flex Beltwhich you’re meant to wear for 30 minutes per day, you only have to wear the Slendertone for 20 minutes a day to begin to see results. In fact, wearing the Slendertone Belt for a mere 20 minutes gives your body the same benefits as performing abdominal crunches.

As a bonus Slendertone also offer specific devices for men and women as well as products which can tone your upper arms and bottom.

So if you thought that a six pack and a healthy toned stomach would cost you blood sweat and tears, it may be time to rethink your outdated beliefs and to purchase your very own EMS Belt. As the body of your dreams, can be achieved without spending hours, sweating in a gym! Click here for a guide on Electronic Muscle Stimulators from