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The term Urethane can be interchangeably used with the term Polyurethane when referring to the manufacturing and installation of floor covering products. These terms refer to polymerizing carbamic compounds that produce flexible, toxic-free floor coatings. This coating is well known for its shiny feature and durability. There are variations in flooring needs that use urethane coatings due to the different applications based on the industry and facility.

Industrial facilities, commercial properties or even community buildings require floors that can be easily maintained and withstand tough operating conditions. Different facilities require to be compliant with the health and safety standards of the specific industry; this is besides having the facility running only efficiently. You are the owner of a facility that requires a new floor coating. You are probably wondering where to start with the variety of options out there currently, making it difficult to decide which is the best for your facility.

The demands and design of industrial areas are way different from residential. To make the right choice for an industrial floor, you will need to consider whether the choice you are making will meet your specific needs.

Urethane floor coating or polyurethane floor finish is economical, reliable and durable when you want a high-quality floor finish. This particular kind of floor finish is slip-resistant, requires low maintenance, it is scratch, chemical, impact and abrasion-resistant. It is a valuable option for consideration for an industrial facility. A urethane floor finish provides waterproofing and pitch for water drainage as well as being hygienic. You can also add a decorative finish to your floor with a variety of colors apart from the protective features of a urethane floor finish. But what does it do for you?

Protection from Antimicrobials

Urethane floors provide properties that help to block the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, molds and fungi. Seamless urethane floors are good because they have no seams or grout lines that are considered potential areas of growth of bacteria and fungi. The seamless style of application makes the floor easy to clean and the capability to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Resistance to Moisture

This type of flooring is able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree. This will be determined by the amount of water that is on the floor and how often that occurs.

Shock and Thermal Resistance

Floors are normally exposed to different extreme conditions such as cleaning, equipment movement and processing. Urethane floor finish are designed to withstand temperature changes making it thermal and shock-resistant.



Urethane floors are can be considered to be environmentally friendly when it comes to the disposal of the materials during repairs and installation.

Slip Resistant

You can get the best slip resistance when your floor has been designed with the proper finishes and textures. This will reduce the slipperiness and the amount of traction. These will protect your employees and visitors while in your facility.

How You Could Use It

Urethane flooring is beneficial and used in a variety of industries and facilities. These floors are good for commercial kitchens where there is a lot of movement, requires a high level of hygiene, slip-resistant and easy to clean. Processing facilities for food and beverages also consider this type of floor as it can withstand chemicals, is long-lasting, and the facility does not necessarily have to shut down during replacement or repairs.

The transport industry has also not been left behind. Airports, train and bus terminals also use these types of flooring because it sustains impact from human movement and wheeled equipment and the floor can be built to custom designs.

The healthcare and medical facilities also consider this flooring as it is sterile, sound reduction capabilities within the facility. The floor is long-lasting compared to other alternatives and considering the use, such as operating, patient, laboratory floors, corridors, and more. You can customize your designs with markings that are necessary and offer a conducive atmosphere.

As much as the urethane floor finish is a good choice for industries, it has a few setbacks. It is a thick compound that must be applied carefully in such a thin layer to have a uniform finish and avoid uneven finishes. If your floor is not even, you will need other products, as urethane will not cover imperfections.

But given all the benefits it offers to different industries, this type of flooring is still a popular choice in many industries. There might be other materials that these industries might explore, but for now, this is the flooring of choice for many businesses.


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