Home Upgrades: Essential Changes During a Pandemic

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Our homes are our temple during this pandemic. It’s where we spend most of our time every day. It has become more than just a private sanctuary for us. Now, it’s our everything. It’s where we work, work out, and sleep. This is why many Americans have started to renovate their homes.

Home renovations have increased by two-fold in the last year or so. So naturally, people want their homes to be perfect, knowing that they’ll be spending most of their days inside them while the pandemic still exists. But the question is, what kind of home upgrade should you choose?

As we all know, home renovations can be costly. On average, Americans spend a staggering $13,000 on a singular home renovation. That’s the highest average home spending on home renovations worldwide. But, unfortunately, not everyone has that amount of money. So if you want to save your well-earned cash, consider these essential home upgrades instead.


If you want more space in your backyard, then it’s time to build a patio. A patio is a versatile home upgrade that depends primarily on your budget. If you’re short on budget, you can still create a small patio. If you have a big budget, then you can make your entire backyard a patio.

This standard home extension is essential during this pandemic. It’s great for giving you and your family members some space. We all know we need that after spending a couple of weeks with them.

You can build your patio yourself. A cornerstone patio is a pretty simple build. Just purchase some cornerstone, excavate your planned area, put some sand, and place the cornerstone on top. It’s as simple as that! The best part about this build is that you can consider upgrading it to a cemented patio area in the future once you have more time and budget.


For those who want to have more space in their home or just a place to relax and sip your cold iced tea, building a porch is for you. Not every American home has a porch, but almost every home has the space for one. They aren’t too expensive to build either. However, you might require a contractor to create one if you want it to be made right.

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Porches tend to depreciate pretty fast, depending on their location. If you want your porches to last, consider building oak porches instead. Oak is a very resilient type of wood that can survive any environmental damage. White oak is also resilient against termite damage. It’s more expensive than ordinary oak but a worthwhile investment if you want something that’ll last for years.

Zoom Room

A staggering amount of Americans are working at home right now. These people constantly struggle to fight other family members for that needed space and some peace. Digital meetings can also be the worse. We’ve all seen that digital meeting fails. If you want to avoid it, then dedicate a room primarily for Zoom calls.

Did you know that almost every American home has at least one or two free rooms? Apparently, we’re wasting over $6 billion not utilizing those rooms for any function. So if you’re not planning to put your free room for rent, then make it your Zoom room instead.

Don’t have any space for your room? Consider the attic or maybe your garage to be your dedicated Zoom room. Those have plenty of space for your virtual meetings, and they are very customizable as well.

Converting a free room to a Zoom room will save you a lot of headaches and embarrassment. You can use the same room if you want to get away from your family.

A Bigger Bathroom or an Extra One

Another problem we tend to be encountering during this pandemic is that two bathrooms are never enough for any American family, especially when nature’s come calling. Having another bathroom during the pandemic isn’t optional. It’s a necessity.

We don’t want to spend time waiting when we feel it in our guts. We certainly don’t want to do our business anywhere else. But waiting is an excruciating game, and it’s a game we might lose at some point. Having another bathroom will ensure that we can do our business safely and at any time! Furthermore, we can spend as much time as we want before someone else comes knocking.

If you want to save some money, consider renovating a bigger bathroom or separating a big bathroom into two new ones. Trust us; this suggestion will save your life.

So here are some essential home upgrades you should do this year. It’ll give you the space and privacy you need to live your home life to the fullest.


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