Simple tips for good dental marketing


The dental industry is worth over $10 billion here in Australia. It is a growing industry, and people now visit the dentist to address their dental needs more than ever before. Whether it is restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, this generation addresses their dental needs significantly more than previous generations. This has been helped by advances in dental technology and good dental marketing, and to encourage patients to visit your dental practice you also need to have a good dental marketing strategy in place.

With over 7000 dental practices around the country, you need to have a dental marketing system that can help you stand out from amongst your competitors. This is important because most dental practices offer similar treatments, so you will need to show your patients why they should choose you rather than one of the other practices in your area.

Be memorable

The first thing that you have to focus on is making sure that your brand is modern, attractive and memorable. Your name and logo should be clear and prominent in all your marketing ventures. Whether it is the homepage of your website or the profile picture for a social media account, the branding of your dental practice needs to receive as much exposure as possible. So when people look for a dentist and regardless of whether they are experiencing dental issues or looking to improve their smile, you should be the first dental practice that comes to mind.

Headshots and group pictures of the practice’s dentist and the people on the team, smiling happily and confidently with their beautiful teeth should be included as much as possible to allow prospective patients to familiarise themselves with you. This can also serve to remind existing patients of who you are and the fantastic customer service that you can offer.

Stand out from the crowd


Keyword research is very important for successful digital marketing; this helps you be aware of which fields of dentistry are most sought after in your area. You can then focus on these throughout your website, online content and social media platforms. “Family dental practice” or “cosmetic dentist Sydney” are examples of common phrases people may search for, and by incorporating these phrases strategically and repetitively throughout your website you will be able to attract patients who are already interested in the services you have to offer.

It is important to list what makes you different to help you stand out from amongst your competitors. As mentioned before, treatments are very similar at many dental practices, so this may be your brand and ethos – for example, good dental health for the whole family, laser dentistry or addressing dental phobias. By carrying out market research, you will find gaps within the market, and you can use this information to create your USPs.

You must also make sure that your contact details are up-to-date and that your website and online profile present plenty of opportunities for prospective patients to either leave their details or contact you immediately to book an appointment.


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