How to Ensure Your Pets are healthy


Ensuring your pet’s wellness should be your top priority as a responsible pet owner. Disease prevention and wellness examinations are essential, as well as proper diet and exercise. Maintain natural and healthy choices to keep your furbaby fit and happy.

Keep your pet healthy by following these simple tips. 

6 Ways To Make Your Furbaby Strong and Fit

  • Keep your pet at a healthy weight

A chubby cat or dog is always cute, but too much extra fat is not good for their health, as well as an overly skinny one. Dogs are generally considered overweight or obese if they weigh 10 to 20% more than their ideal body weight, and if the ribs are very visible or bony, they might be underweight.

Obesity can shorten your pet’s life and they’re likely to have diseases like diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, or hypertension. To help identify if your pet is overweight, check their rib coverage and ensure they’re not too bony to the touch. Your veterinarian can also provide an estimated ideal body weight and body condition assessment.

If you identify that your pet is overweight, adjust the feedings that target weight loss by using a specific portion, nutritional product, and meal frequency. Don’t simply reduce their current food as it can lead to malnourishment.

  • Opt for natural ways to support your pet’s health

You can opt for a more natural approach to caring for your pet. For instance, if they’re infested with fleas, you can use citrus instead of products loaded with chemicals. Just rub your pet’s fur with a leftover citrus rind for a more effective and sustainable solution.

In choosing your pet’s shampoo, go for the organic, natural one that will make their coat thicker and healthier. It also helps maintain a proper pH balance, improved immune system, and has no side effects. Organic shampoos also have healing benefits that help avoid skin allergies.

For their diet, get them the necessary nutrients they need without the risk of allergies by opting for specially formulated vegan dog food that’s easily digestible, anti-inflammatory, and can help improve their energy levels. Plant-based diets are also perfect if your pet suffers from joint pain, digestive issues, or chronic symptoms.

  • Feed a balanced, nutritious diet
    dog eating

A natural, raw food diet can help your pet have healthier lives and live longer. A balanced diet should contain animal protein, vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids and whole grains. Dogs and cats need more than 50 important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Make sure that there are no dyes included as they can cause allergies to your pets.

  • Make sure they get regular exercise

Exercise will help your pet gain good cardiovascular health. A 30-minute walk will greatly benefit your pet and it can keep them mentally stimulated. Walking them regularly will also improve your health and you can be both workout partners. However, ensure that your pet won’t get over-exercised as it can lead to soreness and limping.

For older pets, a few short walks are better so you can give them enough exercise without causing any damage. Regular and gentle exercise will keep them active and help their joints and muscles. It’ll also prevent their joints from getting stiff. Ensure that you go through a short route to prevent your pet from getting too tired.

Also, make sure you keep an eye on the weather. Older dogs don’t do well in too low or too high temperatures. In hot weather, you can walk during cooler times of the day or have a dog coat with you if it’s too cold.

  • Vaccinate your pet

Ensure your pet is vaccinated against diseases like parvo, rabies, distemper, and panleukopenia. However, avoid over-vaccination to avoid allergies or autoimmune diseases. Check all vaccinations that are mandatory in all states to ensure they are all given to your pet.

  • Keep your pet free of parasites

Consult your veterinarian regarding recommended products for your pet to avoid ticks, fleas, and heartworm. You can also consider natural alternatives such as peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus, or tea tree essential oils. You can dilute the oil in water and spray it onto your pet’s coat. Ensure that it’s diluted properly – don’t apply a homemade essential oil solution unless you’ve consulted your veterinarian and confirmed its safety.

We all want our pets to stay happy and healthy. These tips can help ensure that your cat or dog is living its life to the fullest and is well taken care of. Regularly having checkups with your veterinarian and making healthy choices will elevate their well-being that will benefit you both.


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