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Striving to become a better person is a laudable act. It’s difficult, yes, but it deserves merit simply for the attempt. Not everyone goes out of their way to become a better version of themselves. And if you are on the journey to self-improvement, here are a few ways you can do that.

Don’t Neglect Your Stress

Stresses are often neglected because we believe we can “power through” them. However, constantly powering through stresses only leads to self-ruin. We need to take care of ourselves, not just for our sake, but for the sake of those around us as well. When we’re stressed, we become irritable and make more emotional decisions. We end up unintentionally hurting those around us, and it’s all because we fail to manage our stresses.

However, working around anxieties and worries is easier said than done. Below are some helpful tips you can try.

Change how you view self-care

There’s quite a lot of common misconception surrounding self-care: that it’s unneeded or that it actually takes from you instead of helps you. Don’t listen to those who insist on the value of “hard work”. Hard work is relative, and we need to be able to gauge how much effort we need to spend and conserve.

Another is that self-care is all about pampering yourself. It can be something like that, but ultimately, self-care is making actions that better your health both mentally and physically. If that includes allowing yourself to indulge in your favorite recreational activities or luxuries, so be it. But what’s important is that it helps you become a healthier person and allows you to make decisions based on reason.

Self-care is different for everyone.

It can be a whole exercise routine for some, it can be an overhaul of diet, or it can even be just doing nothing one Sunday afternoon. Ultimately, self-care will differ for each of us. Take the time to figure out what it is you truly need and work towards that. You might have to visit a professional, like a fitness instructor or a lifestyle coach, but what matters is you get the type that you need and you move forward with it.

Try taking a day off to take care of yourself.

As we’ve mentioned, you mustn’t ignore your health. If you feel overwhelmed with stress and many things, you might end up having a breakdown, and that’s much harder to recover from. Do not feel bad for wanting to take a break when you are tired. And remember that it’s okay to ask for help. Especially if it concerns your mental health, do your best and gather the resolve to seek professional help. Consider getting dialectical behavior therapy or DBT to help you cope with what you’re going through.

Try Having a Gratitude Journal
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As cheesy as it may sound, writing down what you are thankful for will actually help you reframe your mindset. Think of it as mind training, so you can strengthen your mental fortitude. When writing down what you are grateful for, make sure you also write down the reason behind it. This way, you gain more insight into yourself and you get to understand how positivity directly affects you.

Get Off Social Media for a While

A social media detox is great for refreshing our minds from our hectic social circles. Even if there’s nothing particularly negative or toxic happening on your socials, having to constantly keep up with it can be tiring too. Spending some time disconnected and doing outdoor activities, or just spending time alone and being comfortable being with yourself can be quite relaxing. Whether you are an extrovert, an introvert, or somewhere in between, we must become accustomed to being by ourselves and not relying on others for company.

Be Optimistic

Pessimism only breeds more pessimism. And it’s not just a matter of “becoming more positive”. It takes work, a lot of work that involves teaching yourself to look at things objectively. The simple truth is, not everything is going to go bad. And if something has the potential to go bad, that also means it has the potential to go right.

Instead, look towards how you can make something succeed or work. Put effort in seeing that outcome. Positivity and optimism aren’t just blindly hoping for the better, it’s doing actions that will enable that outcome to be the truth.

Make Sure You’re Rested

Finally, never, ever forget how important sleep is. Interrupted sleep can make you feel tired and groggy, so make sure you achieve deep sleep. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a night owl; make sure you follow your circadian rhythm and gather enough sleep throughout the night.


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