Managing Your Finances and Rental Property Like a Pro

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Newbies in the world of investing in real estate and building up wealth are in for a joyous, yet exacting journey. Joyous, because every investment is a momentous milestone, and exacting, because once you already have a lot of properties to juggle, your assets may be disorganized and you’d have difficulty tracking the progresses of your finances.

The prospect of owning multiple properties is truly inspiring, but we’d only be good property owners and investors if we know how to manage and organize. So, we’ve laid out some tips to help and guide you.

Organizing Your Finances

The first step to managing wealth is organizing your finances. You don’t need a lot of money to get started; just by creating and reviewing your budget monthly, keeping your bills in one place and paying them on time, and making a checklist for all your payables, already indicates that you have good financial organization skills.

A monthly budget plan helps you prioritize your most essential expenses, and saves you from overspending. It also helps you set realistic goals and attain them. When you keep your bills in one place, you’re reminded on their due dates, so you can pay them on or ahead of time. And making a checklist for all your payables helps you track your payments and other bills that you’re expecting.

If you’re married or living with a significant other, develop a plan on saving and spending, especially if you share your finances, or if only one of you is providing. This prevents unexpected debts, buying what you can’t afford, and fights about money.

Understanding Investment Terms

When you start investing, it’s important to understand the language investors speak. Words like stocks, bonds, and portfolio mean different things in the world of investment.

If you’re mainly investing in real estate, these are the important terms you need to understand:

Real Estate Investment Trusts – REIT is sometimes used by real estate investors to purchase properties. This allows them to trade real property like stocks, and invest in them without buying or maintaining actual lands or buildings.

Portfolio Management – This is the process of pooling together various types of assets into portfolios to make them generate profit for investors.

Asset Allocation – This is used in managing capital, asset allocation helps investors set parameters for each asset class, such as real estate, cash, and equities.

Property Management Company – If you already have multiple properties, you can hire professionals from reputable property management companies in Salt Lake City and other areas. Experienced property managers will help you handle all matters regarding your rental properties, including maintenance, maximizing revenue, and communicating with potential tenants.

Managing Rental Properties

rental property managementBefore reaching the point of needing a property manager, you also need to be knowledgeable in managing one or multiple properties. For example, if you buy a home and eventually open it for rent, you should know the issues that may possibly affect its value, such its systems failing. Using a home servicing software may help in keeping track of your home’s systems.

You should also plan on reinvesting in your property, particularly if it’s a short-term rental property or vacation home  The revenue you earned from it should be allocated for its improvement, so that it’ll always be in pristine condition, driving more customers in.

The income sourced from your properties should also be organized. Create a financial plan, highlighting the three key factors that determine their values, namely the location, level of luxury, and size and amenities.

Be diligent in maintaining your properties. Create a preventive maintenance schedule, checking all areas like the plumbing, heating and cooling, and so on. The last thing you need is a customer complaining due to an essential fixture malfunctioning.

Start being a generally organized person and you’d learn how to manage your fortune. Of course, the assistance of professionals will be handy, but knowing how to make things work by yourself as well makes you smarter.


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