Moving-in Checklist: What You Should Do on Your First Day at Your New Home

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After all the moving and packing, you’ve finally arrived at your new abode. You’re probably pumped to decorate your living room and buy new furniture, but you need to tackle the important stuff first. Here’s a checklist of what you should do on your first day at your new house:

Switch On the Utilities

Let’s assume that you’ve already set up accounts with the utility companies. Upon reaching your new home, switch on the utilities, and be sure to notify them about malfunctions and other concerns.

Make Your Pet Feel at Home

Moving can be equally stressful for you, the homeowner, and your pet. All those traveling and moving can make them feel distressed and uneasy. After turning on the utilities, turn your attention towards your furry friend. Because you’re likely to be busy the whole day, you can at least make them feel less frightened by giving them enough food, treats, and toys in a room far from the commotion. Make sure you check on them periodically to let them know their favorite human did not go anywhere.

Change the Locks

This is important whether you’re moving into an existing building or a newly built house. You want to make sure that the previous owners do not have keys to your property. Call a locksmith to have your locks changed in just a few hours.

Set Up the Internet

Because almost everything today is wired to work in Wi-Fi, you want to establish your internet connection on your very first day at home. You’ll never know when you can squeeze in some Netflix and chill moment on that day. *wink*

Make the Bed

Speaking of chill, you don’t want to wait until you’re too tired to care about where to sleep before you make the bed. After a long day of unpacking and moving around, you deserve a good night’s sleep, mainly because you still have so much to do on the following day. You don’t need to arrange the entire room. Just choose a nice comfortable spot where you can lay down when your mind and body are ready to call it a day.

Order Take-out food

Seriously, who even has time to cook a proper meal after a tiresome day? Consider it as a reward for a job well done and for finally ticking off a big goal on your life’s bucket list. Don’t hesitate to pop that wine bottle to cap off the night.

Make Yourself Feel at Home

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After all your hard work, you deserve a few quiet minutes to savor the moment and let the fact sink in: you’re finally actually sitting in your new home. Go and snuggle with your furry friend as you watch your favorite Netflix series on the large screen in the living room.

What’s Next

The following day is another opportunity to tick off more items on your to-do list. Feel free to change your mailing address while a security company sets up a home security system in your house. You can also call an HVAC contractor to install your heating and cooling system, embellish your new home with your old home furbishing, and then buy furniture online to add a distinct appeal to your space.

Once everything is set, take a moment to meet your neighbors and introduce yourself as the new person on the block.


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