Three Things to Include in Your New Year’s Resolution for Stress Relief


The year 2022 is here, and you what it means—it’s time to write your new year’s resolution. The recent year has been a tumultuous one, marked by unexpected challenges and bad habits. If you’re working from home since the pandemic, there’s a great chance you’ve been having a hard time at work and looking for back pain relief and other physical problems.

For this year, it’s time to create new year’s resolutions to get you in better emotional and mental shape. With that in mind, here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions to help reduce your stress.

Fight stress with sleep

Does it feel like several years had passed since you felt well-rested? We hate to say this, but the lack of regular sleep may be increasing your stress levels.

Sleep deprivation can be the cause and outcome of being stressed all the time. Not only does it keep you up at night, but continuously running on limited hours of sleep increases your risk of suffering from various health issues, such as obesity, stroke, diabetes, heart problems, lower immunity, and high blood pressure. It can also affect the way your work by experiencing mood swings, increased errors, impaired performance, low productivity levels, and a higher risk of accidents.

Start the year right by creating a realistic nighttime routine you’re willing to commit to. Your new sleep routine should begin at least 30 minutes to one hour before you’re likely to fall asleep.

If you’re having a hard time sleeping early, try some stress-relieving activities to make you fall asleep. These include bathing, reading, aromatherapy, wearing comfy pajamas, and disconnecting from your device a few hours before sleeping. You can also try listening to soothing music or nature sounds, such as raindrops, beach waves, or a thunderstorm.

The ideal bedtime routine should set your body up for at least eight hours of sleep to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Start a hobby

If you’re not one to start a New Year’s resolution, now is the time to create one! Being a grown-up isn’t enough reason why you should stop doing things that allow you to have fun, learn, and do things you enjoy.

raising plants as hobby

Picking up or re-starting a hobby can be a healthy distraction and provides a necessary outlet for stress relief and mental stimulation. Instead of devoting your everyday life to work and social media, doing an activity or hobby you’re passionate about makes a big difference in promoting a balanced lifestyle. The ideal hobby should provide you with the right dose of positive stress to keep you alive and active.

Whether you plan to join a dance class, take up tennis lessons, or learn a new dish, you deserve to fill your life with things that really make you happy and fulfilled. Once you make your hobby a regular habit, you will notice its positive effects on your mood, psyche, and stress levels.

Focus on your social circle

The quality of the company you have has a significant impact on the quality of your life. The best kind of people should support and celebrate with you whether through the good times or bad. Having a healthy relationship with your close family and friends won’t only enrich your social network but also serves as a buffer from stress and other health benefits.

This year, you may want to build your own support team which composed of people you trust and respect. When life gets tough, you can always rely on these people to listen and give you pieces of advice that really benefit you. These people can be your old friends or family members that truly care for you. Those who have a limited social circle may consider joining local communities or attending a cultural event to meet people with who they share interests and values.

You don’t need to increase the number of your friends to invest more in your social circle. Simply focus on improving your relationships and learn to let go of toxic relationships that can be unhealthy for you. Staying away from the stress and drama of these relationships paves the way for better experiences and good people. Remember, not all relationships are equal. Conflicted ones can only cause additional frustration and stress, which can affect your overall health.

The idea of crafting a New Year’s resolution can be a source of stress itself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right mindset, it can set you up for success by giving you a stronger sense of empowerment and confidence to take on future challenges. If you find yourself giving up on your resolution, focus on making small, positive changes until it becomes a permanent part of your daily life.


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