The Secret to Finding the Best Airbnb Listings for You

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Have your Spring Break plans been completely blown away due to the novel coronavirus? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Apart from some people, like the infamous “If I get corona, I get corona” guy in Florida, a lot of Americans are choosing to spend spring indoors, washing their hands, and social distancing.

If you’re one of these responsible people, good job! In your own way, you’re helping everyone go one step closer to flattening the curve.  And while that seems so far away right now, keep in mind that this pandemic will end eventually.

Instead of focusing on the thought that you can’t go out right now, why not make yourself feel better and think of all the beautiful places you will be able to visit once you can travel again? It’s also nice to think about where you’ll stay. And while hotels and backpacker hostels are classic choices, more people are now renting an Airbnb. Not only is it cheaper, but it also gives you the opportunity to experience the area like a local.

With that said, we offer you some tips on how to find and enjoy the best Airbnb listings below.

1. Browse Every Page

When trying to find a place to stay for your vacation, you want to have all the options. But, like most search results of different websites, Airbnb considers several factors to rank their listings. Some of these criteria include the image orientation of the photos, the host’s decision to allow instant booking or not, and pricing. This means that some of the properties best suited for you may be several pages into the results. If you only browse through the first few pages, you might miss a beautifully-designed cabin in Utah or a house with stunning views of Puget Sound in Seattle.

2. Search With and Without Filters

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Like our first tip, this one will help you find a listing that’s more suited to your preference of accommodation. Airbnb filters are useful in eliminating properties that are too big, too far, or too expensive for you. However, you might skip some of the great listings by being too picky. When searching, try to do so with filters first and mark the ones that you think are good. Then, search without filters. You might find a place so beautiful that you’d be willing to forego the Wi-Fi or ignore the extra bucks you would pay.

3. Take a Chance on a New Listing

We get it: heavily reviewed listings, especially if most of those reviews are glowing, are hard to pass up. It shows that the experience has been good for these people and the host is great – not a serial killer waiting to lure you with gorgeous interiors and superior amenities. But if you ignore the number of reviews and take a chance on a new listing that attracts you, you might end up loving it. Just make sure to review the photos the host provided and check out the property’s neighborhood. If all appeals to you, this might end up being the best place you can stay in.

Your next vacation may be months away, but isn’t it nice to get out of your house virtually and plan your next trip to a perfect place? By following these tips, you may find an equally perfect Airbnb to stay in while on vacation.


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