Why Infrared Saunas Are Good for You

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The idea of saunas dates back to the Neolithic Age when our ancestors took a dip in hot springs to find relief during the winter months. As years passed, saunas became an integral part of old homes. They became kitchens, healing spaces, and mortuaries for the deceased. When the Romans built public baths or saunas, these became venues for people to socialize. Everyone bathed together as equals.

Modern saunas can be found in fitness facilities and gyms. However, most gym enthusiasts would rather work out and lift weights than use the sauna. But do you know that spending time in a sauna can help improve your health? Some of these benefits include lower cholesterol and improved muscle performance.

If a sauna malfunctions, it’s easy to call an emergency plumber. Millcreek has sauna specialists who can help. However, some are still doubtful about sauna therapy. Here are the basics of infrared sauna therapy:

Sauna Basics

Typical saunas use low humidity and can heat up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. They help raise your body’s core temperature to induce sweat to protect your body against overheating. As your pulse rises, blood circulation throughout your body increases by 30 percent.

Increased blood circulation helps tired muscles relax and recover. This will benefit athletes after a long day of practice. However, people who fall ill are not advised to use a sauna due to heat intolerance.

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Why Infrared Saunas

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation via infrared lamps to directly heat your body. This type of sauna doesn’t need pre-heating (compared to electric, wood, or gas-powered saunas), and it can operate at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than other sauna units.

Infrared saunas deeply penetrate human tissues to induce sweat faster. Also, they offer a more pleasant experience because they only heat the body and not the air within the sauna unit.

Advantages of infrared saunas

Sweating is an effective way to flush toxins from your body to help you feel healthier. It also increases your kidney’s and liver’s metabolic activities. Here are the advantages of using infrared saunas:

Pain relief – Sauna therapy helps improve blood circulation to tired muscles and stimulate speedy recovery. Increased blood circulation decreases muscle inflammation to relieve pain. Aside from athletes, patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome can also benefit from infrared sauna therapy.

Improves metabolic rate – Your metabolic rate increases as your body’s core temperature rises, and it elevates your heart rate. This is similar to doing floor exercises or lifting weights at the gym. It helps your metabolism burn more calories while sitting in the sauna.

Slows down skin aging – Aside from increasing your body’s metabolic rate and providing pain relief, it helps slow down the aging process. As blood circulation improves, it also increases collagen production to flush out toxins from the body. This leads to radiant and healthier skin.

Using an infrared sauna doesn’t guarantee good health. However, it can help detoxify the body, boost athletic performance, and enhance cardiac health. Saunas, in general, are also social mediums where you can break a sweat with friends. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated after your sauna session.


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