A Discrete Alternative To Traditional Metal Braces

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Within the field of orthodontic dentistry traditional metal braces have proven effective in amending some of the most severe cases of misalignment, front protrusion, and even irregular spacing of the teeth! Despite conventional metal braces being undeniably effective however, many patients may feel as if obvious metal dental work could hinder both their social life, self-esteem, in addition to their work or career prospects.

Are there other options?

Yes! There are other options available for patients who may be on the lookout for dental treatments that are more subtle than traditional braces. Many patients may feel reluctant to receive obvious metal dental work within the mouth, conventional metal braces may be viewed as unsightly by many patients’, however within the modern world of orthodontic dentistry there are many other discrete appliance options for these individuals, one example of which are incognito in Weybridge.

Getting to know Incognito braces

Incognito appliances are just one example of the wide variety of discrete orthodontic alternatives that are now becoming readily available for all patients! Incognito is just one popular brand provider of the lingual appliance system, which has provided happy smiles both on a national, and international scale!

How do Incognito lingual braces work?

Incognito lingual braces essentially work by helping to correct misaligned, and therefore imperfect teeth within the mouth. Lingual braces essentially provide a more discreet, convenient, and comfortable orthodontic treatment option for patients who do not wish to receive obvious metal dental work.

So… What are the benefits of receiving Incognito braces?

Within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry there are a wide variety of discrete orthodontic appliances which are now becoming readily available for patients. With this variety in mind therefore, many clinics understand that patients may find it difficult to choose the right treatment option for their individual dental case. Incognito lingual braces are just one example of the many appliances, which are now considered as a ‘discrete alternative’ to conventional metal braces.

How do incognito braces work to produce effective dental results?


Incognito Lingual braces are considered a new type of braces that are both effective and subtle. The Incognito lingual brackets system goes behind the patient’s teeth (which therefore means that few people are likely to notice that the individual is wearing an orthodontic appliance).

What makes Incognito braces unique?

Lingual braces are made with modern dental technology which ensures the appliance is completely customised, in order to suit the unique shape of the patient’s teeth, in addition to their unique dental situation, needs, and goals.

Feeling nervous about receiving braces?

Many patients may experience anxiety within a dental environment, despite common misconception within the field of dentistry however, this may be experienced by patients of all ages! For patients who are experiencing dental anxiety, they may feel reluctant to attend their initial consultation, however this is vital in order to voice their concerns and worries regarding treatment.

What causes dental anxiety?

Although every cause is different, many patients’ may unfortunately be triggered by negative childhood experiences which are then carried into adulthood.


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