A Dormer’s Guide to Surviving College

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Attending college is a whole new chapter of anyone’s lives. It’s a step towards actualizing one’s dream, let’s say, to become an artist, researcher, or engineer in the future. But the process of getting there is another story because college can change one’s perspective. College allows one to rediscover himself or herself as it provides a life-changing experience.

Adding to this experience is being a dormer on campus or anywhere near the university. It’s a test of one’s independence and maximization of the freedom he or she holds. Aside from studying, dormers need to schedule needed errands like going to a reliable laundromat service or plan trips with friends to Danville. This leads to the question if college life is really much more difficult for a dormer. Well, let this article break down the answers.

Far away from home

It’s common for parents to place their children under dormitories when they’re off to college. The most common reason is it’s more convenient for their children because their houses are far away from their actual homes. Most of the time, parents will do what is best for their children. Dormers who grew up being close to their parents or are always under their watch will have mixed feelings moving away from home. It’s great because dormers don’t need to inform their parents of their whereabouts all the time. They control their time and how they wish to spend it. After all those years of nagging and scolding, one finally got his or her chance to get away with it.

But at some point, one gets homesick and just misses the company of family. This is normal for most dormers. There are exceptions for those who have a more complicated situation with their parents. But nonetheless, it’s a general feeling any dormer would have. It’s a struggle to balance everything out because every day, dormers need to have a routine. This means planning out the whole day from attending classes to eating meals in between and doing errands. This is also the point where one realizes how “easier” it was when he or she is near family because parents always made sure their children have what they need. It’s a moment for anyone to appreciate what they have taken for granted.

With a little help from friends

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Eventually, dormers won’t feel as homesick as they used to when they have found their support system outside the family — their roommates or dormmates. Aside from their classmates, they also find friends in their own dormitories. Regardless of whether one is a dormer or not, it’s hard to survive college without a set of friends. There will be times in one’s college life where friends would better understand what he or she is going through because they have similar experiences. In the case of dormers, they share the same sentiments of what it’s like to live on their own. It’s important to find the time and do things with a fellow dormer, such as doing laundry, eating meals, studying in a library or cafe. It’s comforting to know that a dormer doesn’t need to face problems on their own because he or she has someone to rely on.

So is college life much more difficult for a dormer? It depends on how one views it and does something about it. Sometimes, it can be rough for dormers because a large factor is that they’re not living with their immediate families. But they can always find a way to boost themselves and make the best of their college life. Perhaps the main challenge for dormers is finding the space that keeps him or her mentally healthy, and it usually goes back to building a support system.


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