Protect Your Investment: Ways to Keep Your Properties Secure

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Buying a property, whether it’s just a patch of land or a complete house-and-lot, is a big investment that you need to protect. Even if you have no plans to develop the property just yet, it’s crucial to have it protected as soon as possible, to prevent any burglary or vandalism, or worse squatters who’ll take over your place when no one’s around. There are several ways to keep your property secure, some of which you’ll learn from this article. Read on to see which one fits your needs or your budget.

Keep it Old School: Fenced and Gated

Your best bet to keep intruders off your property is to have the perimeters fenced and gated. Not only are these a great deterrent, but it also keeps prying eyes off your property. If you have a house that won’t get attended to regularly, a durable fence and gate would be enough to change the minds of ne’er do wells. For a fence, you can start with a high barbed fencing material, especially if you’re just keeping an empty land secure. It’s an effort to scale, especially where there’s nothing inside worth checking out. If you have buildings on the property, a high concrete wall combined with a big, sturdy gate is the best choice. The concrete fence can be erected by a contractor, you just have to define the specifications, and they’ll do the rest. There are many estate gatesthat might suit your property’s design and style.

Let Technology Work for You with CCTV


Now, if you’re not too keen on high walls and wrought iron gates, you can use modern technology to protect your property. With modern closed-circuit television technology,you can monitor everything that’s happening in your property remotely. You could watch recordings from multiple angles, especially when you have cameras positioned to cover all the entry and exit points, as well as vital parts of your property, like the inside of a building. These recordings get stored digitally, ready to be replayed when you need to check on anything suspicious. The recording gets stored for a while and will be deleted when the storage is full. You don’t need to worry about setting up and maintenance.

Security Alarms Alerts Authorities Even When You’re Not Around

Aside from video surveillance, you can also install alarms that are triggered by motion sensors. This is quite handy when you’re away for longer periods, and you can’t check up on your property regularly. These alarm systems, when triggered, alert the authorities to your property’s location. They can respond to break-ins and burglaries in real-time, even when you’re not there. These security alarms should be installed in key areas only, or else, the authorities will be alerted by simple movements like stray cats or rodents in your property. For example, you’re going on a trip abroad, and you don’t have anyone to look after the property while you’re away, you can set one up inside the home. The alarm gets triggered by forced entry since there’s no one authorized to enter your property.

Protect your investments in any way you can. You can get it fenced and gated to deter illegal entry or have it monitored for 24 hours with closed-circuit television. You can also set up an alarm system that will alert authorities even when you’re away. Choose which way suits your needs and your budget.


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