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You don’t have to live like a pauper to grow your monthly savings. Here’s how you can be a savvy spender to shave down on your bills:

1. Install a smart thermostat.

You probably know that one way to cut on your energy bill is to heat your Salt Lake City home at the right time and lower the temperature when you’re asleep or not around. However, if you are still using the old non-programmable thermostat, you might find it hard to control heating schedules.

A more convenient way to achieve savings is to switch to a smart thermostat. It’s a lot easier to program since you can control it through your smart devices. Smart thermostats have learning features that help you set schedules more efficiently. Over time, they get a better picture of your preferences and whereabouts, ensuring that you’re not wasting dollars heating an empty home.

2. Go generic.

Many shoppers prefer brand name products believing that the extra cost translates to greater quality, taste, and nutrition. But if you’re looking to cut on your supermarket spending, you should know when to go generic. Consumer Reports says that many generic products are just as good as well known labels, and buying them can save you 30% on groceries.

Some of the best categories to buy generic are frozen food and snacks, locally made milk and juice, baking products, toiletries, spices, OTC pain relievers, water, and household cleaning products.

3. Don’t splurge on sales or special offers.

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Stores use a variety of strategies to trick you into buying stuff that is not on your shopping list. They’ll entice you with coupon deals, limited-time offers, discount codes, freebies, and amazing markdowns. While these deals look like a steal, you’ll end up breaking your budget.

Even if you only intend to buy one pair of jeans, you may be lured to buy two because of the famous “buy one, get one free.” Always remind yourself that buying a discounted item that you don’t need is a waste of money. You’ll still lose 100% of your money on a designer handbag that’s 50% off.

When you’re shopping on a Black Friday sale, be aware of what’s causing your desire to purchase. If the discount alone prompted you to shop, don’t add the item to your cart. It’s also best to practice healthy skepticism and compare prices to make sure that you’re really getting a good deal.

4. Save on self-care treatments.

Most people love to pamper themselves by visiting a salon, but it can be pricey over time. You can save a small fortune if you pass up on your regular visits. While some beauty treatments require the expertise of the pros, there are grooming services that you can do at home. These include pedicure, manicure, hair treatments, and body scrubs.

You can also achieve a radiant smile without having to pay for expensive professional teeth whitening services. Have a brighter smile for less and whiten your teeth at home with products that you can buy at local drugstores or online.

Most of these strategies will give you small wins, but when they add up, they can result in substantial savings.


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