Best Hair Loss Remedies for Anyone at Any Age

Like good health, people are always mindful of their physical appearance. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many Singaporeans are going out of their way to enhance their looks significantly. Looking young and gorgeous is now an obsession in Singapore. Yet, nothing defines public appearance more than your hair.

Whether young or old, hair loss can hamper your normal daily life. It affects your physiological and social life. But what causes hair loss? Can hair loss be rectified, and how? Here is a detailed insight into how you can deal with hair loss.

What Instigates Hair Loss


You do not need to worry when you experience a receding hairline, thinning of hair, or even balding. Such hair loss conditions are common as you age. However, if you are still young, hair loss may signify the onset of some infection. You might have scalp problems, a thyroid disorder, or an autoimmune disease.

Once hair loss patterns commence, they do not stop on their own. You have to devise some means to halt hair loss progression. Luckily, there are different remedies capable of dealing with your hair loss. Hair loss remedies range from dermatologist treatment to alternative hair therapies and finally to creams and supplements. Read on. Learn which method can help you halt your hair loss condition.

Essential Oils and Supplements

It might sound surprising, but specific essential oils and supplements can prevent hair loss and even aid in hair growth.

Oil Conditioners

Oil-rich conditioners such as coconut oil are known to strengthen your hair and prevent their breakage under pressure. If you have hair that snaps upon brushing, oil conditioners might be the answer to your hair problem.


Supplements such as vitamin D, Biotin, zinc, and Panax ginseng may prevent hair thinning and promote hair thickening. However, it is advisable to seek medical opinions before using such products.

Dermatologist Visits

In case you suffer from significant hair loss, a trip to a dermatologist is ideal. He/she will run several diagnostic tests to ascertain the cause of your hair loss. Diagnostic tests try to identify whether your hair loss is due to nutritional deficiencies, genes, inflammation, or even hormone-induced. Upon finding the root cause, he might recommend the following therapies.

Surgical Hair Replacement

A hair transplant is often the ideal modality for treating both mild and extreme hair loss. You can undergo this surgical process by visiting a well-known hair transplant clinic in Singapore. Hair transplants are generally safe and painless. The process involves harvesting follicles from the back of your head and re-implanting them on regions with little to no hair.

Regrowth therapies

Other hair-growth medical options involve laser treatments, platelet replacement therapy, and micro-needling. These methods involve either injecting growth factors or activating the necessary growth hormones.

Healthy Diet

Hair breakage has been attributed to several factors, including nutrient deficiency. Your weak hair strands could be as a result of unhealthy eating. Although food won’t reverse hair loss, consuming protein-rich food will contribute to the thickening of your hair.

Commitment is Key

The above remedies can help you restore your hair but will require your commitment. Ensure that you clean your hair regularly, eat healthy meals, and handle your hair with care.


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