Common House Construction Problems You Should Never DIY


The internet is filled with home repair and remodeling tutorials for those who want a more cost-effective solution to their home problems. However, there are repairs you should never attempt to do on your own without proper training.

If the need is dire, at least get in touch with a professional in electrical work, plumbing problems, or construction. For your concrete repair needs in Utah, for instance, many local contractors can offer expert advice and service your home. Otherwise, the risk of doing these five home renovation projects on your own range from electrical malfunctions to health hazards.

Roof renovations

The worst thing you can repair around the home by yourself is the roof, for both obvious and subtle reasons. The obvious reason is that it is generally unsafe, especially if you have a two-story property. Of course, you can solve this by wearing all the safety gear and following proper protocols, but you also risk doing poor craftsmanship unto your roof. So why not contact a professional instead?

The other less-obvious reason is that an unsupervised roof repair may void your warranty. If a contractor installed your roofing system, then you risk voiding their service warranty if a renovation isn’t done by one of their professionals.

Plumbing renovations

Plumbing is one of the most common issues within the household, and there’s a reason there doesn’t seem to be enough plumbers around. It’s because people aren’t meant to DIY their plumbing issues.

Let residential and commercial plumbers do their job. Plumbing architectures tend to be more complex than you think. You risk wrongfully detecting the leak source or misdiagnosing the plumbing issue by doing it ourselves. You can even worsen the problem, dismantling your plumbing and breaking a valve in the process, or pouring the wrong chemicals down the drain just to clear a blockage, only to damage your pipes.

Electrical renovations

Another potentially dangerous DIY project you can do is fixing your home’s electrical system. By doing this on your own, you open yourself up to the risk of various disasters and violations. Faulty or mismatched connections, an overloaded circuit, or wrong replacement of an electrical panel can all cause an untimely house fire. You can also electrocute yourself if you neglect to wear the proper attire or underestimate the electrical repairs needed.

You may also be risking violating your building permit or local electrical codes, especially if you live in a multi-story apartment or a condominium.

Basement renovations

Renovating your basement to prepare for finishing may sound relatively easy and harmless since it’s a space rarely visited. However, make a crucial mistake, and you risk compromising your house’s integrity and make it susceptible to leaking or flooding.

To save yourself from the trouble, reach out to a contractor to work out the additional electrical and plumbing system extending to your basement. You can also turn over other hectic jobs, such as installing vapor barriers and firewalls into your basement perimeter.

Window renovations


This might be the most mundane, but never underestimate the work involved in installing new windows.

This is primarily because not all windows are made the same. Installing complicated window types, such as awning windows and picture windows, involves breaking down entire partitions, renovating mounted fixtures, or removing embedded electrical wirings out of walls. Add it to that the obvious difficulty of carrying and carefully positioning your window into place.

Installing skylights and attic windows is an entirely different problem, too. Let an expert do the work to avoid leaks, excess condensation, and poor workmanship.

Urgency is never a reason to take up a renovation task by yourself. A simple call to hire a trusted expert goes a long way towards giving more years to your home.


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