Dieting: When Does It Become an Obsession?

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We all love to eat. But some seem to enjoy eating more than others to the point of gaining weight in weeks or even days. To make up with the excessive eating, some would resort to diet plans that promise fast and effective weight loss results. However, some individuals take it to the extremes that often lead to eating disorders.

Such eating disorders can take a toll on one’s health. It can lead to various physical and mental health conditions. Thankfully, there are facilities in areas like Westport, CT that offer treatment for eating disorders. Losing weight may be necessary to avoid potential health risks but should be done healthily.

Is it too much?

We read and watched a lot of weight loss methods and shows in various media outlets, including social media. Nonetheless, all of these promise one thing: fast and effective weight loss. Watching weight loss programs can also be encouraging, considering the short amount of time and the grueling training the contestants have to endure to achieve their goal weight.

While weight loss is something you need to work hard for, some weight loss methods may not be safe at all. More so, those that promise quick weight loss can be questionable in terms of the user’s safety. Experts say that a healthy weight loss should be up to 2 pounds weekly.

Some people can achieve more than a two-pound weight loss per week. However, your health may be compromised due to unhealthy weight loss methods. Here are some signs to know whether you are losing weight the right way or not.

You frequently feel tired.

It is most likely due to low-calorie intake. For one thing, we need to consume at least 1,200 calories per day to sustain the energy we need to get by. Athletes need to eat more so that they can perform more and better. More calories out than going into your body can be useful in weight loss, but it can be at the expense of your physical and even mental performance.

You are too obsessed with what you are eating.

Calorie counting is one primary key to weight loss. However, it can cause stress and even make you dread dieting in the first place. You may even hate dieting because you feel restricted.

You exercise too much.

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Exercise is good. However, many people overexercise because they think they ate too much. It can be an obsession to the point of overdoing it and lead to an eating disorder. Plus, too much exercise can cause muscle pains and wreak havoc on your bodily functions.

You use pills and other slimming items that are apparently “scientifically” unproven.

Some so-called slimming patches and pills promise weight loss. Most of these products help achieve quick weight loss. However, many of these products are not approved by the FDA. It can lead to unfavorable consequences on your health in the long run.

Weight loss should be made naturally. It should not be something to be obsessed with, as it can lead to eating disorders and other health consequences. We have to maintain our ideal weight not only to look good in the eyes of others but also to keep our health in check.


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