How to Pull Off a Modern Farmhouse Interior

farmhouse interior

The modern farmhouse interior design is a modern interpretation of the quaint farmhouse aesthetic. The rugged and distressed atmosphere is married with modern concepts like open floor plans, clean lines, and sleek appliances.

Similar to the country or homestead style, the farmhouse features traditional and vintage fabrics, wrought iron fixtures, and antique furniture to add to its rustic charm. These elements come together to evoke warmth and comfort. And with the modern twist, it achieves a certain level of sophistication.

Install large bay or picture windows

Modern farmhouse interiors are characterized by bright and airy spaces with plenty of soft natural light. And one way you can achieve that, in addition to having an open layout, is to install big picture or bay windows. Not only do they let plenty of sunlight in but they also soften the connection between indoors and outdoors, which is what the design style seeks to achieve.

Start with a neutral palette

The base palette, which typically starts with white, off-white, and beige tones, is what makes this aesthetic modern and sophisticated. It allows for the wooden and metal accents to stand out, while also keeping the look clean and neat. White a neutral palette, you can introduce all sorts of textures and materials like stone, sisal, rattan, and all sorts of fabric.

Forgo the bulky cabinetry

The kitchen is perhaps the start of the show in any modern farmhouse interior. It’s where you’ll find the perfect balance of classic and modern, as expressed by the traditional cabinetry, wrought iron fixtures, and farmhouse sink mixed with modern appliances and gadgets. You’ll also notice that farmhouse kitchens don’t usually have overhead cabinets as they make the room feel cramped. Instead, get yourself some high-quality plywood sheets and put up quaint open shelves, and have your ceramics and tools in full display.

farmhouse interior

Add plush and comfy furniture

It goes without saying that a farmhouse interior should be comfortable and casual. To achieve this, invest in big, comfy sofas, accent and lounge chairs, ottomans and poufs, throw pillows, and mattresses, and so on. Choose fabrics that are all-natural, as synthetic fabrics can be scratchy. For rugs, it’s best to get wool and silk ones as they provide a warm and soft underfoot. And, of course, maintain an ideal temperature and indoor air quality to stay comfortable and healthy through the seasons.

Mix and match vintage & modern pieces

Barnboard details, reclaimed wood beams, wrought iron accents, and vintage accessories are all staples of this charming interior design style. To add to the organic appeal, include natural fibers and fabrics in your accessories and knick-knacks. For example, to soften the rugged wood and metal elements, throw in a wool rug, knitted blanket, rattan poufs, and flowy drapes.

Create a layered look

The modern farmhouse look isn’t hard to pull off, but things can go wrong if you don’t choose the right pieces. Introduce depth and dimension by layering pieces. For example, you can place another smaller rug over a bigger one, or use drapes instead of blinds. You can also hang paintings, photo frames, or floating shelves to make your walls interesting. The key is to accessorize and use pieces that coordinate with each other.

Introduce some greenery

Modern farmhouse interiors aren’t complete without some foliage. Fill your house with a variety of plants to bring life and color into your space. Plans look best when paired with charming pots and planters, which you can easily find online or in garden centers. The trick is to keep the style of your pots as varied as you can to add some dimension. You can even get quirky by using broken clay pots or rattan a

Don’t overdo it

The farmhouse look can get a little kitschy when overdone, so pay close attention to balance. For example, if you already have a distressed coffee table, opt for a modern or transitional sofa instead of a traditional look. The rule of thumb is to not have too much of one thing, like too much wood, or too much metal, as this could make your interior lean more towards one style.

Add a splash of color

Keep in mind that the modern farmhouse is simply a style you can follow, but it shouldn’t dictate every decision you make. Farmhouse color palettes tend to be simple and neutral, which can appear monotonous or flat. If you want a layered look or you’re a fan of color, you can paint an accent wall with a lively color or get an accent chair, hand a colorful painting, or throw in an elaborate tribal rug.


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