Is Cleaning Your Roof Worth All the Risk?

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Homeowners spend a lot of their time making their homes look their best, from giving walls a fresh coat of paint, changing flooring, mowing their lawns, power washing their driveways, and many more.

But many homeowners tend to forget and neglect their roofs. Sure, roofing is less of a concern when it comes to the aesthetics of your home but very important in keeping it together. The roof protects all the other parts of your home, so it would be wise to keep it in its best shape for as long as possible. Practicing proper roof cleaning and maintenance on a regular can prevent a lot of costly structural damages.

Why Roofs Deserve More Maintenance Attention

Of course, not every homeowner is a roofing expert. Roof cleaning is a very tedious and technical task and requires specific tools and skill sets. It can even be dangerous if not done correctly. Not to worry, professional roof cleaning services are widely available and give you peace of mind and confidence in a job well done.

In the meantime, you are in charge of taking care of the roof. Here are some things that regular roof cleaning can do to prevent a costly roof repair.

No Algae, No Bad Days

Being constantly subjected to the wrath of the elements and nature on a 24-hour basis, it’s easy for water, dirt, leaves, and other foreign debris to find their way onto your roof. Having damp foreign objects on your roofing is a breeding ground for algae spores to grow and develop, making your roof look very unsightly.

Algae, moss, and lichens are more than just visual nuisances growing on your roof. They also quickly turn into a health concern because they can promote an environment where mold can grow. Having their presence on the roofing of your home can eventually enter your home and lead to irritations of the eye, nose, throat, and lungs.

Being able to eliminate and prevent the growth of algae, moss, and lichens with constant cleaning can prevent mold-related health hazards at home.

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Not a Shingle Damage

Another consequence of algae buildup aside from their effects on health is shingle damage. Algae buildup, over time, can cause shingles to loosen or come apart, which then allows water, bugs, and more to be able to enter your home. It opens up the possibility of multiple leaks and water damage occurring in different parts of your home.

The effects of having shingle damage in the winter are even worse. Water that has seeped into the ceiling, walls, and floor can freeze and cause cracks in various parts of your home. Structural threats like cracks pose a dangerous threat to the structural integrity of your home, and the repairs needed would take so much time and cost so much and interrupt your life at home.

Incredible how all those problems stem from just a single damaged shingle. Always check your roof for signs of shingle damage so that you can prevent any further damage that would lead to costly repairs.

Nasty Rotting Wood

Leaks in the roof allow water to come in contact with wooden parts of your home, which can lead to severe rotting damage that can also be very expensive to repair. Depending on the severity of the wood rot, you might even have to replace your whole roof. Imagine how expensive that would be.

Wood rot is a tricky problem since it can often go unnoticed, and one might not even know that it is already occurring. That is another reason why you should have regular roof maintenance. Regularly checking your roof and cleaning it can stop any damage before it even happens.

A well-kept and maintained roof is a healthy roof. Having a healthy roof increases its longevity and ability to protect you and your home.

Value Your Home

All the consequences that occur when you neglect your roof and the subsequent damages that it can incur will only harm the value of your property. Leaks, mold, and roof damage all contribute to the decrease in the evident resale value of your home bit by bit. It puts you at a disadvantage and gives you unnecessary losses that might even force you to sell your property in the future for incredibly less than when you bought it.

Imagine that all these problems can be solved by just simply having your roof clean and well maintained. You could have easily avoided leaks, cracks, damage, and all those expensive repairs and replacements if you just gave it proper care. You can do it yourself if you think you are capable enough, but it’s never a bad idea to let the professionals give your roof what it needs. Getting in touch with roof cleaning services is a good start in developing healthy routine maintenance for your roof.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure, and that applies to all parts of your home.


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