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It can be a motivating factor for your staff having a dental practice buzzing with the bustle of patients telephoning reception then arriving and leaving after treatments in multiple treatment rooms. When a workplace is busy, it makes staff feel valued by proxy; they are in demand (and the working day passes without boredom!)

If you are hoping to increase the number of patients registered at your practice, you may be considering investing in dental marketing. While having a wonderful website is important, in this fast-moving Digital Age, it is just a part of the process of raising your business’s profile and it is a more complex process than you may realise. Search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing is a rapidly growing industry that helps to raise the profile of a business on the results page of a search engine. Getting closer to the top, on the first page, is the golden ticket to an almost guaranteed growth in the number of people visiting your practice’s website, in turn converting into your patients.

How does SEO Marketing work?

SEO marketing involves analysing the keywords used in searches commonly undertaken by users in connection with your business on search engines. While you can monitor this yourself with Google Analytics, you could find yourself spending a lot of time reviewing this information each month and that’s before you’ve done anything with the results! An SEO marketing team like Dental Focus, which specialises in marketing for dental practices in a compliant way, will ensure that your website, social media content and blog posts use these keywords and they then enhance your position on the search engine results pages. This is crucial because 92% of users do not go past the first results page of Google, and Google dominates in excess of a whopping 86% of the search engine market.

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What else does a marketing team do?

Alongside SEO work, a marketing team like multi-award-winning Dental Focus should ensure that your website is clear and concise, conveying the main messages of your unique selling points within the first 5 seconds of people arriving on the landing page of your website. Dental Focus has a 7P’s approach to marketing dental practices on their websites, following the thought that a website is where the relationship with the practice begins. For this reason, the 7P’s incorporates: the Profile – those USPs; the People who work there; the Premises that your practice operates from, allowing them to get the sense of the experience they may have from your luxury practice, for example; the Pricing – with explicit pricing structures, this can remove anxiety about the unknown and people can see treatments are maybe more affordable than they originally thought; the Promises of great customer care and treatments; the Proof (it’s in the pudding, and the photographs and testimonies of previous patients!); and, finally, the Products that are on offer – branded treatment packages are always a favourite selling point! The overall result is conveying a modern, successful practice that people want to visit after seeing your fresh website they found thanks to the SEO marketing getting you to a prominent spot on the search engine results page.

If you’re interested in boosting business, checking out a marketing team who specialises in dentistry could be the best move for optimum results.


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