Tourism Transportation: Types, Pros, and Cons

tourism transportation

Transportation is vital for movement for all human beings. With the development in the transportation sector and automation, booking tickets for any public mode of transportation is relatively easy. The earliest that you can remember was the land and sea transport. However, times have changed, and today you can avail yourself of air travel.

Travel has developed a lot, as now it is a means to survive and trade and for enjoyment. Tourism has increased manifold, from what it was earlier. Most travel enthusiasts travel for leisure, some for work, and others for therapy and treatment. Some even travel to write about the place later. Moreover, steam engines have powered electric locomotives that run at breakneck speed. So, you can now travel in less time.

Here are some modes of travel favored by the tourism industry:

Air Transport

If you are a millennial, you have probably seen the rise of air travel. The air travel sector has grown from a few airlines about thirty years ago to hundreds now. Additionally, it is also creating more employment. Long-distance travel is much easier now. The travel hours have been cut short. Now, most of you might be measuring the distance with hours and not km.

If you go back to 1920, the first commercial airline KLM, a Dutch airline, had taken flight. It paved the way for more. The humble cabins turned luxurious with each passing year. Today, you will come across jumbo jets that can accommodate more than 300 passengers and boast two levels.

If you are traveling for business, you will most likely choose air travel. But the airlines are giving lucrative deals that attract leisure tourists as well. Apart from scheduled public and private airlines, you will find another category. Here we talk about chartered flights, reserved especially for high net-worth individuals.

Air travel is also relatively cheap now, compared to a decade ago. However, if you have to book on an urgent basis, you might have to shell out double, the fares being dynamically priced. Additionally, you can see only the sky while the plane moves.

Water Transport

riding boat to another island

Water travel is not something new that we are going to learn about. It was second only to land. Simple boats with oars slowly gave way to smarter speed boats and eventually cruise ships. Today, you will find the most luxurious ships that can very well be passed off as seven-star properties. Luxury liners are everywhere.

Additionally, they have all the amenities you can ask for, from a pool to a Jacuzzi and restaurants. These are new attractions. Another range of small boats that you can consider family-size are the yachts. Most celebs own one today. If you can’t afford one, then simply hire one.

You should check out the bbq boat rental option. It comes complete with cabins and a live grill. You can now munch on the healthiest fishes, and marine creatures live from the grill. These even have refrigerators that keep your drinks cool. You will find cruises on rivers and oceans as well. Motorized ferries are also a hit amongst tourists for shorter journeys and vacations. It is more economical and can promote slow tourism. But if you are traveling for work, it may not be apt.

Land Transport

This is the oldest form of transport, divided into two categories: rail transport and road transport. Till the 17th century, horse-drawn carriages were used for traveling. But with the construction of better roads and trade routes and the invention of the wheel, automobiles took charge. Today’s tourism industry mainly relies on coaches, buses, and minivans. Some people love road trips in their cars as well. They give you complete freedom to travel and are economical, too. Many families opt for personalized vehicles such as SUVs and Travelers. Today, you can also avail yourself of self-driven cars. But, if you want to jet-set countries in a few hours, this may not be for you.

Another form of land transport, the ideal rail transport, is also a hit for tourists who would love to enjoy glimpses of nature. It is another cheap mode of transportation. Having made a humble beginning with steam, now you can find diesel and electric engines that make travel times lower than before. The best part about rail transport is that families love them.

Moreover, it is easy in the pocket, and you can also carry a lot of luggage without paying any excess baggage charge, unlike airlines. But you cannot avail them in hilly regions. Furthermore, travel time is quite long. You have to be a bit patient with rail travel.

These are the main modes of travel and transportation today. Each one has its pros and cons. Additionally, you can select one based on your needs and budget. These are shaping the tourism sector today.


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